Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The first days of school

can be so difficult for a new student. Keeping this in mind, I decided to start Carmine’s lesson with some nice, relaxing needlework.

Still supporting myself with a stick, I brought out my needles and a knife; the former I set by his side, the latter, I used to cut his clothes off, stripping him to his underwear

Oh my, he was trying to be so brave; making his lewd remarks at me as I did it.

It was rather amusing to see how quickly that changed when I pushed the first needle under his fingernail    

He grunted then his body instinctively flexed from the pain. Must have felt great on his wrists.

“So you thought you were going to break me…” I said

I pushed a second needle under another fingernail

“You know, under different circumstances, I might have congratulated you for being strong enough to take me down, but the fact of the matter is that you weren’t. Skilled though you may be, if it weren’t for that panicking fool, you wouldn’t have been able to take me.”

Another needle

“On top of that, once you had me, your technique was all wrong.”

Another needle

“For one thing, you underestimated me. I don’t think you even understood me well enough to truly know what would hurt me and how.”

Pushed in the fifth needle, adjusted my position and continued with his other hand.
He let out a whimper as I pushed the sixth needle in. I stopped. I could not believe that he dared to start whimpering so soon. That earned him a slap across the face.

“We have only just begun and you’re whining already? Show some discipline!”

I jammed in another needle, eliciting a cry from him

“Really?! I didn’t scream the entire time you had me! Don’t you have any dignity?”

And again

This time he gritted his teeth, probably fearing what I would do if he did not
I smiled at the opportunity I had just been given. Despite my bad leg I managed to straddle him. Grabbed his face, trying to push apart his lips so as to access his gums. He tried biting which got him another slap. Called Fell over to help me keep his head still.  Finally pushed a needle into his upper gums. He screamed and tried to turn away, which only made things worse for him. I worked the needle around to find a favorable angle, then pushed it deeper so that it remained stuck when I let go.

“See, this is another mistake you made: you allowed me to have the relief of gritting my teeth”

I stuck a few more needles in his upper and lower gums, then returned to my work on his hand. Thanks to the needles, his mouth was forced to stay open. Every now and then a guttural sound would be produced. He was trying so hard not to let himself scream again

Once his hand was finished, I had to stop. I wanted to keep going and push through the pain I knew that I needed to give myself a chance to rest and heal. I left him like that, telling Fell to watch him so that he didn’t try to swallow a needle or something

When I woke up and was able to continue, I brought some water with me.

“I bet you would like some of this” I said

He just stared at me in a daze, so I poured some of the water onto his face. He gasped and spluttered as the cold water hit him. I sat down beside him and forced him to drink. It was difficult for him due to the needles, but he managed

“That’s good isn’t it? You should have given me some water when you had me captured. I suspect Ritter intervened to keep me alive. Had he not, I would have been dead and your plan to break me would still have been a failure.”

With that, I yanked a needle out of his gums and jammed it through his nipple
He made a gurgling noise as he did his best not to scream while I repeated the action until both nipples had been pierced several times

Finally he gave out a shaky laugh

“You really wanted it didn’t you, bitch? You loved it”

I picked another needle out of the set by his side. Then I grabbed his face and held one of his eyes open

“Did I? Did I like the feeling of being penetrated?”

“No wait-!” was all he had time to say before I pressed the needle into his eye

He screamed as I picked up another needle

“Did I like feeling it being forced in-”

The second needle joined the first in his eye

“Please-” he cried

“And in”

A third needle


“And in”

A fourth

He whimpered

I looked down to see a growing dark patch in his underwear. I glanced back up when he started yelling. Ritter had appeared and Carmine was begging him for mercy, pleading for intervention. I was absolutely disgusted by his weakness. I had been calm up to this point, but this pathetic display threatened my composure, so I left him there to lie in his own piss for a while until I calmed down. Eventually, I sent Fell out to douse him in cold water

Dozed off. Guess my body is still catching up for the days of no sleep

When I finally woke up, I saw your comment Calavera

Returned to him

“Ritter didn’t save you, did he?”


“What did I tell you about your insignificance, dear? I was right, wasn’t I?


“You never answered my question, from before”


“Yes, the question of whether or not I wanted or liked what you did to me. Do you think I did?”


“Exactly… Oh, and I have a message to pass along to you from Kelevra”

I grasped the needles, still embedded in his eye

“He says...He told you”

Tore the needles out


Then screaming

I believe that is everything of note I had to tell at this point. So I'll just finish this with some music


  1. Needles underneath the fingernails? Hurts like a bitch. This I can say from experience. Though a bastard like Carmine deserves it, and much, much more.

    Also, I found your choice of music rather....interesting, though wonderful nonetheless.

  2. Human pin cushions are always fun!

  3. For everything you did you deserved worse than what you got. I don't kno why you and everyone seems to think that your better than him. You both serve the devil and you both like hurting people. Your the same!

    1. Laura...I swear to go- oh wait. That might offend you.

      I was going to argue with you about Slendy not being the devil but...been there, done that and it didn't get through that brainwashed mind of yours. So I might as well not bother.

  4. GYAH. NEEDLES. Horrible, HORRIBLE things!