Thursday, April 2, 2015

Following her path

I’ve been working hard
Both of us have been

I’m trying to do what the Wolf would do and what she would want me to do.
It hasn’t always gone over so fucking well, but I’m trying

I’m still knitting those dolls, those fucking little tributes to the Tailor  

The Wolf always took pride in those. They were important to her because HE was important to her.

He was important to her and so I keep following his orders

The orders of the one who sent the Wolf to die

I keep following his orders because the Wolf cared about him for some fucking reason

Too bad for her that the feeling wasn’t fucking mutual huh?

I think I told you before that I keep going this way for Hart’s sake too. As if we’re any safer this way.

If he was willing to kill the Wolf when it suited him, he’d do the same to us.

I know this. I knew all this before, but I keep following orders because it’s what the Wolf would do

He was important to her so I have to treat him that way

It’s one of the ways I’m keeping her alive
By serving the fucker who killed her