Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three more

of the targets have been found and killed, thus far. I accompanied Carmine to each to ensure that the job was done without the involvement of everyone else in the area. I could sense his displeasure at being so supervised but he is a fool if he thought I’d let him go alone after that stunt he pulled. Regardless, everything has proceeded in a relatively straightforward manner aside from one incident.

Two of the three targets were men and one was a woman. Carmine killed the men without too much fuss, but when we went after the woman he became more agitated... He killed her, regardless, but still…

This has added to a growing suspicion….

I hope I am wrong

Friday, August 9, 2013


It was supposed to be straightforward. We had our targets, we had a plan and we were all supposed to go in together

But no, no, apparently that would have been too goddamn easy and made too much sense for Carmine. He decided to go after them on his own.

He set the building they were staying in on fire with all of them still alive inside. When they fled, they scattered. He was only able to kill two- TWO out of the NINE targets. He apparently shot one of them, and had to take the other elsewhere to finish her off as the whole damn neighbourhood was alerted by the screaming and burning. All he had to say for himself was it was more fun this way, as he could pick them off one by one- especially since it brought some excitement to this dull little province so I was CLEARLY just overreacting. He continued to dig his own grave by teasing me; saying that since I was being so open about everything to everyone on the blog, he figured that subtlety wasn't that important. 

He looked so surprised when I hit him. I told him that he was lucky that he didn't get himself killed; that this was not how we do things here; that while he is under my command he would follow my lead in carrying out Ritter’s orders. His face twisted in rage for a moment before reverting to his original calm state. He agreed, apologized, promised to clean up his mess and then left.    

Sunday, August 4, 2013

For The Wolf

Seeing all the fucking artsy talk going on here, I decided to make this

I can’t draw for shit so I made it in Paint.

I hope you like it Wolf. It’s supposed to be you as a wolf napping after eating some poor fucker. I tried to make it look like one of your dolls.  
I love you <3

Uh anyway, the rest of you probably want something different so here’s some fucking music for you cock gerbils

Friday, August 2, 2013


Ritter has given me further orders. They will be carried out but I wanted to see Carmine in action with something smaller first 

We went to an art exhibition this evening. Kept my distance but kept an eye on him as he casually wandered around. He finally came to a stop beside a woman who was admiring a painting. Watched as he struck up a conversation with her. I couldn’t hear it of course, but whatever he said charmed her enough to eventually leave with him. I followed as he led her on, finally bringing her into an alley where he made his attack. He suddenly shoved her into a wall, using his body to keep her pinned as he clamped a hand over her nose and mouth. I kept watch in case anyone came by, sparing a glance back every now and then to see her struggle against him in desperate want for breath. Fortunately, no one interrupted and she wasn’t strong enough to break free. Carmine smiled and winked at me as her fighting slowed then ceased. I returned the smile and gave him a nod to let him know that I was satisfied, before leaving him to dispose of the corpse