Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello my name is Fell

I’m feeling better now

I’m feeling better because the Wolf says she’s going to help me get revenge on that fucker
Oh Josh, sweetie, you’re going to regret bringing me and my my family into this you cocksucker
You’re going to regret leaving me

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sorry for the silence… I just haven’t wanted to bother

with the blog here lately…

Been observing Fell to make sure she’s where I need her to be mentally. As far as I can tell, she is broken… At least to the point where the restraints are no longer necessary. Called her to me the other day, with the intent to test her by removing her remaining fingernails… She obediently came to me and put out her hand when instructed. Other than sinking to her knees with the pain, she offered no resistance. Doesn’t try to remove the mask anymore either except to eat or clean. She still wears that collar too

So in regards to the question and comments on the last post, yes she is broken, but no this is not over… well, the first phase is over but there is still more to be done…

See, I had this idea, for a final test… Maybe I’ll get Fell to tell you about it later, as it’s kinda personal to her… Anyway, Ritter seemed to like the plan.

So now I’m building her back up so she can do it. Risky, but if it works… He might get something a bit more functional than a hollow… Maybe then he’ll stop- nevermind… shut up KnitWolf

Bleeding… should really stop scratching that burn…

She lit a match, it was so nice! It crackled so, it burned so clear,- Exactly like the picture here.
She jumped for joy and ran about, And was too pleased to put it out.

hehe it’s funny… in some ways I take better care of Fell than I do of myself

Now see! oh! see, what a dreadful thing The fire has caught her apron-string;
Her apron burns, her arms, her hair; She burns all over, everywhere.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I forced Fell to look at her reflection earlier.  
When I put that mirror in front of her, when she was forced to look at her pathetic tortured body, she screamed and struggled more violently than ever. It got even worse when I took this mask here and put it on her. She’s still screaming and thrashing, trying to get free or turn away or at least get the mask off of her....

I think this might be it