Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Work Update

Just so you crusty shit fisters don’t think we’re slacking on our fucking jobs, I’ll share what the fuck we did on the weekend with your lucky asses.

So out of a group of six there were five that needed some fear put into them and one that was ready to go. Wouldn’t you just know who the fuck happened to be standing guard at their shitty little camp out?

So me and Hart appeared behind his dumb ass and teleported him back home.

Hart broke the motherfucker’s arms and legs for me so he wouldn’t be squirming too much for me to get good even pieces. I chopped his ass up and brought him back to his friends. We quietly made a cozy fucking circle around the camp with his bits and pieces and I propped his head up on a nearby rock just so he could keep watch again. I wouldn’t want the poor bitch to be fucking accused of ditching out. I’m not a complete asshole.

I think the Wolf would have liked that. I think she would have fucking loved their reactions. Once we were done decorating, we hid off in the trees and made just enough noise to wake the rest of them the fuck up.

Oh you should have heard the fucking screaming and crying. I hope the Wolf could hear it, wherever she is

Friday, July 3, 2015

Yup, we got her

For you lazy fucks who aren’t keeping track, we picked the kid up

It shouldn’t come as a fucking surprise that we’ve been keeping an eye on her for a while.

We weren’t just going to let her up and fucking die like that, so when we saw she was in real fucking trouble, we move our asses in to pull her dumbass out of it

Now we’re trying to get her back on her fucking feet whether she likes it or not and then we’re going to let her go.

We know we can’t keep her forever and the longer we fucking take, the bigger the fucking risk. If the Tailor doesn’t show up, Birdshit’s cock suckers will- not that I would mind killing a few more of those shitheads.

So between doing our fucking jobs and watching out for Whelp, we’ve been fucking busy, so deal with it. You donkey dicks don’t need to know about every sorry ass motherfucker we kill or our every fucking move