Thursday, April 18, 2013

The flock

Well, for those of you who bother to look at the comments, you might have noticed that I got a visit from one of the still living members of a certain group of rather religious runners. She was a little upset and highly misinformed but in the end was kind enough to post a link from her blog to mine. Thus, I figured I'd return the favor and do the same

Here it is; Laura's and that priest's blog

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back in Action

Fell has been doing better, so I decided to bring her along to help with the job last night. I figured she could also use some fun after being shut in for so long.

Hart opted to stay at home for this one, and given the fact that this was meant to test Fell’s recovery, I allowed him. As I said before, he is adapting well enough, but he still doesn’t have a taste for blood the way that we do.

The target- we had discovered- was a bit of a barfly, usually spending her Fridays at the clubs with her girlfriend before drunkenly driving home. In the wee hours of the morning, we located her car in a parking garage downtown. This area was fairly close to the bars and is usually the site of drunks making bad decisions. Sure enough, the rather tipsy couple eventually made their way down. The would-be drunk driver had just unlocked the doors when I reached her. Before she knew what was happening, I had her by the hair, and my knife to her throat. Fell busied herself with the runner’s girlfriend, clamping a hand over her mouth and hissing at her to be quiet or they would both be killed; holding the tomahawk across the woman’s body to emphasize the threat. I gave the command for Fell and the woman to get in the backseat of the car. Once they were inside, I had my captive open the trunk and get inside that. I took her keys and slit her throat.

Ritter had wanted her dead, but we were free to do what we liked with the girlfriend, so we had decided- if all went well- to play a little game with her to see if she would live or die. I got in the car and began to drive, ignoring the cries and questions until we were out of the garage and on the move. I then informed the woman of what had happened to her girlfriend. Fell laughed as she screamed and tried to strike and demanded to know why. I obliged with the explanation, though she refused to believe it. I told her that we were going to kill her next. Her screams became sobs and half incoherent pleas for mercy. I said nothing more to her as we drove.

As I said, we had decided to play a game with her. Once I had told the woman that we intended to kill her, Fell had let go. She was not restrained. Fell only had her tomahawk at the ready, which would have been difficult to use in such tight quarters. Could have easily escaped by opening the door and jumping out, but chose not to. She even stopped trying to hit Fell. Finally pulled off the road at the edge of one of the city’s walking trails. Forced her to get out and walk with us for a while. Could have run but she chose not to. She offered no struggle, nor did she scream for help. In fact, aside from some quiet sobs and begging, she barely made a noise. We left the trail, walked into the forest a ways. Finally came to a stop and ordered the woman to kneel. Ritter’s song grew louder as he appeared before us. I hadn’t planned for him to be there but I was pleased that he was. Only now did the woman believe my explanation. Only now, when it was too late, did she scream, and move to fight as Fell raised her tomahawk and brought it down. Ritter’s song carried his pleasure at the bloody spectacle. Fell’s face was alight with her lovely bloodlust grin. Once it was finished we disposed of the bodies and the car.

Hehe that was a fun night.