Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello potential future victims

I’m just teasing, though it does strike me as funny how you runners carry on your friendly conversations here, knowing what we are.

Miss Wolf has given me the opportunity to properly introduce myself, 
so I will.

My name is Carmine. I don’t have a deep reason for picking that name; I’m just fond of the color.

I’m 32 years old, which, I believe, makes me the oldest in this group.

I’ve been working for the Tall One for years. I joined him when I was a young teen. He killed my family and would have done the same to me if I hadn’t. I can still remember the look on my mother’s face as she died.

Since then I have worked my ass off to grow stronger and survive. Over the years, I’ve worked both on my own and with several different proxy groups. I like working with my hands but when that fails, I’ve got my pistol  

What else can I tell you?
Oh yes, I lived in Alberta before I was sent to work for Miss Wolf. Now I'm set up on this island I’m trying to familiarize myself with the place but it’s a little difficult. The air is so humid, it’s stifling. I feel like I’m swimming. At least the people here are nice. They are so trusting and kind despite the poverty. It’s like a whole other world.
I suppose that's enough for now

- Carmine

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Just a quick post to show off some of my recent knitting projects because I figured some of you might find them amusing

Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack

Jeff took a long time to do because of the hair... Been a long time since I made a doll with hair. The doll I made of Sunshine was the last one like that. Heh... I still have that doll. It's propped up right here next to me. Despite everything, it still brings me comfort

Back to the point, I keep thinking that Jeff looks a little off... Maybe because most of the dolls I make don't have mouths... I'm not sure. I may have to tweak the design a bit

Monday, July 22, 2013


We were having a sparring session today when we were interrupted by another emerging from the dead end path

The man called out a cherry greeting as he sauntered on over. Introduced himself as Carmine and asked who was in command, looking at Hart expectantly. I quickly corrected him, saying that I was the one he was looking for. He seemed a bit surprised.

“Well!” He started, brushing some of his long dark hair out of his eyes “I guess I’ll be working for you then”
The song confirmed that this was the one Ritter had told me about

“Heh… Yes, indeed. Welcome to the team. We don’t have much space here-”  

“No worries love, I won’t be staying. I have my own place, but Mr. Tall insisted I check in with you”

“Fair enough, but I’m not letting you go just yet. You caught us in the middle of some training and I wouldn’t mind seeing what you’re capable of”

“Wonderful” he said with a grin

We sparred for a while. He is a strong and fast one. Provided quite the challenge

Afterwords, he gave me his contact info, then said a polite goodbye and departed

Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeling better

With all the conflicting emotions buzzing around in my head I had to do something. So I directed them towards that man. It was either that or leave them to eat away at my insides. I try not to lose control the way I did... Tried to stay calm, but once I got him back here all the anger and pain came out at once. Hadn't even planned on eating this one- cannibalism is something that I tend to reserve for very rare occasions- but I just got lost in it all

Hart, I've said it already, but I'll say it again; I'm sorry for scaring you. You don't have to be afraid of me when I get like that. The only reasons I would harm you is if you try to harm me or Fell first, or if you refuse to do your share.

Sunshine... I'm still in a state of shock and disbelief. But I'm not angry or hurt anymore. Stupid though it might be, I still care about you and I am glad you are still alive.

Couldn't afford to stay angry for long anyway, because Ritter informed me that another will be joining us soon.

That's it. I'm done


As the green text should tell you, this isn’t Wolf. She told me to talk to you while she cooked some dinner so here I am.

Since Mr. Anonymous showed up, I've been doing my best to stay out of her way. I'm getting used to being chill around her under normal circumstances but not when she's pissed off. Fell tried to comfort her through it all as she went from shock to disbelief to relief to rage to crying and back again.  I did peek out from my room to check up on her from time to time. At one point she was sitting up alone at the computer, typing. I could see that she had that creepy doll she made propped up next to it. I came out and got a snack. She didn't seem to notice. I wanted to try talking to her, but I thought better of it and returned to hiding. 

I woke up last night to screaming. I followed the sound to find Wolf on top of a man just outside the cabin. The poor fucker was screaming as she was ripping him open. There was blood everywhere. Fell was watching nearby. I turned away. I don't want to see anymore of that shit than I have to so I went back to my room and tried desperately to ignore the noise and sleep  When I woke up again it was quiet, though I could hear movement. Fell seemed like she had just woken up too and was making her way back out to check on Wolf.

She was laying on the ground next to the guy, her head propped up on her arm. There was blood everywhere. She must have bitten the guy because there was blood on her mouth  as well as her hands and clothes. She looked so peaceful while she watched him. She stuck a finger into the mess to draw fresh blood. He moved slightly when she did it. He was somehow still alive. She licked up the blood and I'm going to be sick if I have to think about this for much longer, so moving on, the tall guy popped in. Wolf grinned and offered the barely alive guy to him like you would offer to share chips with someone. They stared at each other, then he finished the bastard and disappeared with the body. 

I think that's all the important stuff


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There's a meat hook in my heart, tearing me all apart, ripping out my insides
But I just can't get away
I can't leave my meat hook
Lost my heart to a meat hook