Monday, July 22, 2013


We were having a sparring session today when we were interrupted by another emerging from the dead end path

The man called out a cherry greeting as he sauntered on over. Introduced himself as Carmine and asked who was in command, looking at Hart expectantly. I quickly corrected him, saying that I was the one he was looking for. He seemed a bit surprised.

“Well!” He started, brushing some of his long dark hair out of his eyes “I guess I’ll be working for you then”
The song confirmed that this was the one Ritter had told me about

“Heh… Yes, indeed. Welcome to the team. We don’t have much space here-”  

“No worries love, I won’t be staying. I have my own place, but Mr. Tall insisted I check in with you”

“Fair enough, but I’m not letting you go just yet. You caught us in the middle of some training and I wouldn’t mind seeing what you’re capable of”

“Wonderful” he said with a grin

We sparred for a while. He is a strong and fast one. Provided quite the challenge

Afterwords, he gave me his contact info, then said a polite goodbye and departed


  1. Seems like a straight forward kind of guy, also seems a bit cocky. Other than fighting, I wonder what else he can do.

    So you're practically organizing a training camp now?

    1. Cocky indeed; as long as he's competent, we'll be fine.

    2. A training camp, Kelevra? Really? I think you're making some assumptions about my skills

      Miss Wolf, I just wanted to say that I look forward to working with you. We'll have lots of fun, I'm sure

    3. Heh... Your enthusiasm is appreciated but quality work will be appreciated more, dear

    4. @Carmine: But of course, I always make assumptions, you see, the psychological side of my brain is to blame for that. Besides, we never met, so I don't know what you're capable of and up until now, Knitty has been getting people that required some sort of training (Fell, Hart), that is the reason for my assumption.

    5. True, but I can safely tell you that I'm not like them since they joined Miss Wolf without any real experience in the messy stuff.

    6. That may be the case, but you will still be expected to attend our little sessions. There may still be something for you to learn. Perhaps we could even learn from each other

  2. Carmine, that's a very nice name, it's also like a deep red colour isn't it?

    So what are you guys planning to do?

    1. Thank you, Sanna. Yes, it's a shade of red which is why I chose it.

      What are we planning to do?
      Well, I'm planning on some sightseeing and maybe a few drinks later this evening

    2. Hehe Sounds like a decent evening.

      I am planning to spend mine finishing off another doll