Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is there anybody out there?

Jesus it’s almost been two years since the last post.

I guess we sort of forgot about this blog for a while. Whether you like the job or not there’s only so many work posts you can do before it gets boring. I don’t even know who’s left to read this now.

I just came back to it because I started thinking about Wolf. It’s not like she has a grave to visit, so her posts have to do the job.

I’m fine, Fell is fine and Whelp is getting by

She seems to have given up on her blog too. That’s probably for the best. Osprey is still out there (or his gang is, at least) and he doesn’t need any more clues about where she is and what she’s doing

I think that’s everything. It feels weirdly nostalgic to be writing again.