Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Myself and Roy had agreed that it was probably best that he leave as soon as he was able. Ritter had not shown up, nor did His song carry any new commands, but we did not want to push our luck.

As Roy was getting ready to go, Hart and Fell said their goodbyes to him
“It was good hanging out with you, man. Nice to have somebody sane to talk to for once, you know?” Hart said, shifting awkwardly “Sorry for avoiding you for a while there. I just can’t be around people when they start eating pills like that… Anyway… good luck”

He backed off as Fell approached, probably thinking there would be a fight

“Hey, before you go I just wanted to say that I know that you stopped that bitch from killing the Wolf so… thanks for keeping her safe”

With that, she put her arms around his neck and drew him into a hug. The colour drained from Roy’s face as she did it. She smirked at his expression when she let him go.

“SO LONG FUCKER!” She yelled, causing Roy to jump back. Satisfied at his terror, she bounded away.

I shook my head but couldn’t help snicker a little. Roy was now more than ready to go, so I took his hand and we were off.

“It has been fun, my dear hero” I said when we arrived “Take care of yourself, remain focused, survive. Should you be in dire need of help again, feel free to call on me. I won’t fight Ritter or my brothers and sisters on your behalf, of course, but I will do whatever else I can for you”

Our goodbyes said, I left him and came back home

Monday, May 27, 2013


We knew that our time was up. We knew that the moment we left the cabin, Sagari would find us so we were preparing to go to meet her. I planned to bring Hart and Fell out with us because they depend on me for transport to and from the cabin and I was afraid that if I died, they would be trapped. Told them to start running as soon as we got there, leaving me and Roy to take on Sagari.

Fell wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted to stay and help with the fight but I couldn’t allow that.  Tried to explain that my actions had brought Sagari here, thus it was my responsibility to handle it- not hers. She still refused to run. With no other choice, I ordered her to; telling her that if we died, she would have to take over command and defend Hart. Also assured her that Roy made me promise to run if things got really bad.  Fell scowled and resisted, but finally agreed.

Putting on my mask, I sauntered over to Roy

“Are you ready?”

“Not at all” He said with a nervous laugh.

His expression then darkened
“Wolf, you know there's a chance neither one of us will make it out of this fight alive. You don't have to do this.”

“You’re wrong about that, dear. I’m not going to send you out on your own to die because you wouldn’t kill me”

“Well, like I said, if things start to look bad you run. Remember, Fell needs you”

“I know… I will”

Fell seemed like she would start up again, but upon hearing this was apparently satisfied.
I took Roy and Fell’s hands in mine, while Hart took hold of my shoulder. With that, we were off. We appeared on a path at the edge of a dense forest; an area that I was very familiar with. Almost in an instant Sagari was there, a rapier on her hip. Fell hesitated, but Hart dragged her away as Sagari began to speak.

"So I see that you decided to help out your psychotic 'Friend'" Her expression was calm except for her eyes which betrayed the hatred that burned within "A decision you will soon regret."

I grabbed Roy and hauled him into the forest.

“Come on then little girl,” I called to her, drawing my survival knife as we went “Don’t be afraid! Come play with us in the forest!”

I wanted to be sure that she would focus on us and follow instead of targeting Hart and Fell.
Thankfully, she did; darting into the forest after us, then disappearing into the trees

“Come out, you damn coward!” Roy snarled “Come out and face what's coming to you!"

“As you wish” was her response as she stepped into view

Before I could stop him, Roy lunged towards her and attempted to throw a punch.
Sagari easily grabbed his arm and slammed him into a nearby tree.

“Really?” She laughed. “You sparred with me all that time and you thought that would work? You really are pathetic.”

While she was gloating, I closed the distance between us and attempted to slash at her. Unfortunately, she was clever enough to see it coming and nimbly darted away before I could. 
“Lovely. It will be fun to tear you both apart at the same time.” She said with a smirk

In a rage, Roy drew one of his small daggers and threw it at her. It gave a small thud as it connected with a tree. She was too fast. In a blur of movement, she was in front of him again, landing a strike that knocked him back into another tree. That move cost her, as I caught her in the side with my knife. Before I could withdraw she drove her elbow into the side of my head, knocking me down. I tore my knife from her as I fell. Looking back up at her, I saw her rage filled eyes moving from the wound to me as she drew her sword.

“You ruin everything” she hissed. As I struggled to get to my feet, she suddenly turned, bashing Roy in the face as he attempted to take advantage of her distraction

While he was reeling, she slashed at him, making a red X on his chest. She then turned to slash at me again as I made another attack. I managed to duck under her blade and slash at her stomach, making a large but too shallow wound. She leapt away, then thrust her sword back, driving the point of her blade into Roy’s middle as he tried to attack her again. I made to stab her but she pulled the sword free in time to counter my attack; catching the knife in the basket hilt of her sword and twisting it from my grip then shoving me back. I was able to stay on my feet, but found myself dodging her blade.

“You take everything from me!” She screamed as she attempted to stab me 

Her movements were swift and well-practiced. I’ll admit I was impressed. Thankfully, I had chosen the area well. The trees with their long, dead lower branches served to hinder her somewhat. 

“My brother was fourteen when that thing you serve found us!” She snarled “It took his mind and made him kill our parents!”

She stumbled on a root. I took the opportunity to land a blow to her sternum. She managed to block the next one and launch herself into me, hitting me with the pommel. I fell back against a tree. Before I could move, she ran my shoulder through, keeping me pinned in place.

“Do you know what happened after he killed my parents?” She continued “He snapped out of it then and killed himself after he realized what he did!” I gritted my teeth as she twisted the blade in me “All I have left is revenge. I won’t rest until your master and all of your kind is destroyed”

She slammed my head back against the tree and pulled her sword from me.
My vision blurred as I slid down.
I only came back to my senses when I heard her scream. Roy had planted a dagger in her back. She turned to slash at him, but he caught her wrist with one hand then using the other, twisted and broke it. She screamed, dropped her sword and held her wrist. I got to my feet. Roy and I nodded to each other before we took turns beating Sagari. Ah, it was lovely. I think I heard one of her ribs break when I hit her. Soon we had the poor dear thoroughly incapacitated at our feet and looking quite miserable with a broken nose- courtesy of Roy.  

“You don't understand!” Sagari finally exclaimed gasping for breath. Her voice was raspy from screaming. "I did what I had to. Roy I always had your best interest in mind.”

“No, I understand enough. You got me thrown into this mess! Why me? Why did you choose me?!” Roy screamed 

A constant stream of tears fell from her eyes

“I saw your potential Roy! Izzy was a necessary loss. Don't you see that? I had amazing plans for you. You would do so much good! But then....” She gave me a glare of pure hatred. “She came along and corrupted you. When Izzy died you were supposed to finally see people like her for what they truly were......monsters!”

“You’re the monster, Sagari. Because of you the woman I loved more than anything in the world died. You’re the true monster”

“I'm the monster? Did you hear what I told your ‘friend’ a few minutes ago. Do you know how I know that’s what happened? I was there! I was only five years old and I was forced to witness it all.” She started to laugh through her tears “My brother thought that thing was some type of god but he is not. The Slenderman is an animal that must be put down just like all of his followers, for they are a cancer on the world, only capable of corruption and death”
“You’re a delight, Sagari.” I said “It has been a pleasure, but I do think it is just about time to end this, wouldn’t you say Roy?”

“Wait Wolf….” 

I looked at him, somehow expecting what he would say next

“We…we have her beaten, let’s just walk away."

“Oh Roy…”

“I know what you’re going to say… I know how this is going to sound but I don’t want to kill her. I don’t want any more blood on my hands than necessary.”

“Then you walk away and let me do it, hero. She has made it abundantly clear that she wishes me dead. Killing her now, before she gets a chance to make good on her threats seems like the most practical course of action. If you can’t then I will. I’ll be the monster. I’ll carry the sin; no blood on your hands” 

“You know I can’t do that either”

“Why not? She is the reason that you’re here, is she not? She brought you and Izzy into this mess then tortured you the second you disobeyed. She could try it again. She could attempt revenge on you. Do you really want to leave an enemy that could come back to harm you later? What happened to your resolve?"

“I know. I remember what she did and I want to kill her. I want stab her in the fucking face for the misery she brought upon my life. But I understand now. She's suffered just like us. If we do this we're no better than her."

“What did I tell you before, hero? Everybody has a sad story to tell. Her story does not excuse her actions any more than mine does. We all must take responsibility for the path we choose.” 

“I agree, but there’s a better way than this. Her hate has consumed her and led her to try to take revenge on all of your kind, without exception and without seeing the individuals that make up the group. I don’t want to follow the same path by seeking revenge back on her. Instead, we should give her the chance to see that she was wrong and decide to change. You can teach her that things aren’t as black and white as she would like to think.” He looked at me; his clothes stained with his own blood. I could see the pleading in his eyes. "I can't stop you from doing this Wolf you know that. But please...there doesn't have to be any more bloodshed."   

“…God damn it Roy, you play this game too well sometimes…. Fine… I don’t like this but I’ll do it for your sake, if nothing else.”

“Thank you, my friend” He said, seeming to breathe a sigh of relief

“Heh… Always too kind for your own good. Always trying to rise above and save everyone But then, that is why you remain a hero in my eyes.”

I turned to Sagari

“As for you, my dear, count yourself lucky and learn from this. Know that should you threaten me or Roy again, I will not show this same mercy”

I looked back at Roy "Well dear, are you ready to go home?"

"Well Wolf....if we're done here I think I'll go ahead and die...."

I caught him as he fell faint, using my good right shoulder to help support him. Leaving Sagari to her defeat, I brought us to the meeting spot that Fell, Hart and I had agreed on. Fell was overjoyed to see me, but less enthused about helping to carry Roy.  We brought him to Hart’s contact- that same doctor to whom we brought Fell. The poor dear should be fine. He is bandaged up and resting now as I type this. My shoulder has been similarly patched, and I think I'm going to get some rest soon too

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As you could tell from Fell’s post, Roy is indeed here. As Roy mentioned in his post, once we arrived she marched up to him and told him in no uncertain terms what his fate would be should any harm come to me then she stormed off into the cabin. I apologized to Roy for the rude introduction. "Welcome home dear" I said with a sigh and a laugh as we followed Fell inside. Hart was sitting on the couch but stood up to shake Roy's hand when he came in. 

Fell had apparently sealed herself in our room, so I told Roy to make himself at home and if he needed anything to ask Hart, while I went to have a talk with Fell. She was not happy with the arrangement to say the least, and she told me so when I joined her in our room. I reminded her that this was the best chance we had to come out of this alive and so she grudgingly agreed to do as I asked and to try to be civil for the rest of his stay.

Aside from her venting on the blog, she has kept her word, though she has been glaring at Roy and sharpening her weapons ever since. Hart, on the other hand, seems fairly happy with Roy’s presence. Despite the impending threat, I think he is finding relief in having a “normal” person to talk to for a while.  

Considering that we were faced with such a danger, myself and Roy did the only logical thing we could this evening. We went out for a friendly dinner together. It took a great deal of convincing and promises for Fell to let us go without a fuss. I could see that aside from concern for me, jealousy was starting to brew within her so I wrapped my arms around her; kissed her and promised her that it was simply a meal between friends, that we would be coming back right after and that if Roy did in fact try anything stupid, I would immediately bamf back home. Only then did she relent

We went to a cozy little pub that I like called The Guv’nor and settled into one of the soft comfortable booths. Since they had them in stock, I took the opportunity to order some cod tongues and fries, while Roy decided upon the Yorkshire pudding stuffed with beef, gravy and onions along with some mashed potatoes.

We sat in silence for a while, waiting for our food to arrive, unsure of what to say, until Roy started asking me about the cod tongues. I described how the tongues were fried and how the insides were mostly jelly that surrounded the actual meat of the tongue. Roy looked horrified at the thought. 

“Surely you’ve dealt with worse than that by now,” I laughed  

“Yeah, but I’m not going to be eating any of those things either” he said with a shudder. 

I smiled, but a thought crept into my mind that took it from me again.

“Speaking of nasty things…” I lowered my voice “Roy, you’ve said you can’t hurt one who is precious to you. You were willing to run into a trap just to save Sagari. This tells me that she was at least of some importance to you… Will you truly be able to hurt her? Kill her if it comes down to it?”  

He looked down at his hands, observing the bandages. "Maybe she was once someone precious to me and there was time when I would have rushed into an obvious trap just to save her. Not anymore.....she's not who I thought she was. After what she did to me I just....." He paused for a moment "The Sagari I knew never existed. When the time comes I'll be ready."
I nodded in understanding

“And let’s say that we fight Sagari and win… what will you do after?
Are you going to be okay if you return to being a runner with no extra protection?”

"I'll make do. I always did even before Sagari began to help me. I'm perfectly capable of surviving without her help."

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear”
We fell silent as the waiter returned with our food.

“Anyway, enough of the hard stuff… I didn’t bring you out here to depress you. How about something to lighten the mood? How do you like life in my little pocket dimension?”

"You mean other than the threat of Fell killing me in my sleep or Slendy suddenly appearing and putting a tentacle through my skull?"

I laughed at this. “That’s understandable. I don’t think you have to worry about Fell though. Not while I’m alive and well anyway… My boss on the other hand…” 

I thought for a moment

“I figure that if he was going to kill you while you were staying with me, then he would have done so already. He must know that you’re here, yet his song carries no new commands or threats. I can only assume that his attention is being diverted elsewhere or that he sees the advantages of our plan.”

I felt like I was failing to keep the conversation light, so after a few moments I tried again.

“So I know you enjoy creepypasta, why don’t you tell me about your favorites… Or tell me something else… anything about you that I don’t know” I said playfully

"My favorite creepypasta? Well until recently it had been Jeff the Killer. But I read a truly chilling story a couple of weeks back. You wouldn't of happened to have heard Funnymouth have you?" He seemed to cringe at just the thought of it.

“I see your handsome face. Don’t be so sad about it!” I said, then gave him a bug eyed stare in my best impression of the O)_(O  emoticon used in the story.

I couldn’t contain my laughter when Roy shrank back at this. Regaining his composure he gave out a chuckle and continued.

"hmmmm....What else can I tell you about myself." He seemed to ponder it for a moment. "There's not much about me that I haven't already posted on the blog. Well, I guess I could tell you about my college days. I had been in my first year at Michigan State when all this began. But before that me and...." he paused, his smile faltering, if only slightly "Me and Nick were kicked out of various colleges because of my tendency to collect sharp and pointy things like my lovely daggers." His smile faltered even more. "Izzy and Nick always thought of my obsession with weapons as unhealthy." His face lit back up as he told me more about his college days. After he had finished his stories he seemed much happier than before. He looked up at me. "Okay Wolf your turn. What can you tell me about yourself?" 

I thought for a while. “There’s not much else to tell other than what’s on my blog too… Heh… I put so much of myself on that damn thing because I was afraid that Ritter would take my mind and I foolishly held out hope that little record of myself would help me to put the pieces back. I was so naïve back then… But… I suppose I could tell you about my old job. Haha yes, that’s it…. You’re going to laugh when you hear it. Do you know what I used to do before Ritter demanded my full attention? I had a contract for a fucking non-profit, doing my best to help people!”

I laughed

“I enjoyed that job. Despite the efforts of those who hurt me, despite the bad things I did up until my revenge, I still had that drive to help people. I actually went to university for a while myself in the hopes of becoming a teacher… but I broke down and then Ritter was there… You know, it’s so funny when I think about it; working for Ritter has put me in a teaching role, in the sense that I have had to train Fell and Hart, I have been able to help some people, and I have become something of a soldier- you’ll recall that I mentioned there was a time when I briefly thought about going into the military. He has given me everything I wanted, yet now I teach people to prepare their bodies, not their minds, I hurt many more than I help and my attempts to help usually end badly, and I have been given an addiction to the hunt.”

 I smiled, then continued

“You know what though? If I had my time back, I’d do it all again!” 

Our conversation continued in that lighter vein as we ate. We took the opportunity to get to know each other better. It was nice… Roy seemed to cheer up as the evening went on. I’m glad that I was able to give him a little break before the impending fight.