Monday, May 20, 2013

Jesus motherfucking shit sucking Christ

So now I'm stuck looking at Roy’s stupid fucking ass face.

Yes that fucking Roy, the dick licker who is on a mission to kill the Wolf

The Wolf brought him here to protect him from his giga-cunt whore boss

The Wolf asked me to keep my temper under control and to play nice. I'm trying to, but if he even fucking looks at her the wrong way, he’ll be fucking begging for suffocation after what I do to him.


  1. Well you have quite the foul mouth don't you?


    1. You just noticed? (No offense Fell)


    2. Fucking right I do Kat.

      Hahaha No offense taken Raggzy

  2. Dear Fell--

    I still have yet to meet someone who can swear quite as wonderously as you can, heh. Glad to stop by and see that you're still alive and kicking (ass). >=3 I pity the foo' if he crosses you.

    1. Hahaha You fucking know it!
      Good to fucking hear from you Lucia. How's the bitch shitting world treating you?

    2. Like a the shitting bitch it is! It keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. Compared to how you guys still live though, I might as well be picking pansies and eating marshmallows instead of chasing after the tiny terrorist that is my son, heh.

      I'm just happy to see you two still coming out on top of the shit pile. <3