Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Myself and Roy had agreed that it was probably best that he leave as soon as he was able. Ritter had not shown up, nor did His song carry any new commands, but we did not want to push our luck.

As Roy was getting ready to go, Hart and Fell said their goodbyes to him
“It was good hanging out with you, man. Nice to have somebody sane to talk to for once, you know?” Hart said, shifting awkwardly “Sorry for avoiding you for a while there. I just can’t be around people when they start eating pills like that… Anyway… good luck”

He backed off as Fell approached, probably thinking there would be a fight

“Hey, before you go I just wanted to say that I know that you stopped that bitch from killing the Wolf so… thanks for keeping her safe”

With that, she put her arms around his neck and drew him into a hug. The colour drained from Roy’s face as she did it. She smirked at his expression when she let him go.

“SO LONG FUCKER!” She yelled, causing Roy to jump back. Satisfied at his terror, she bounded away.

I shook my head but couldn’t help snicker a little. Roy was now more than ready to go, so I took his hand and we were off.

“It has been fun, my dear hero” I said when we arrived “Take care of yourself, remain focused, survive. Should you be in dire need of help again, feel free to call on me. I won’t fight Ritter or my brothers and sisters on your behalf, of course, but I will do whatever else I can for you”

Our goodbyes said, I left him and came back home

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