Thursday, June 6, 2013


During Roy’s stay here, Ritter had been absent. This absence had continued up until a few days ago. He appeared suddenly- His song carrying His rage. The force of it sent me to my knees. I  didn’t try to get back up, fearful that He would grow angrier and hurt Fell or Hart. I simply looked up at Him. That’s when I noticed… His hand… It looked like it was burned
The burn seemed to be healing even as I looked at it but still….

Then he disappeared

I don’t know what this means
Is He angry because I helped Roy or is He just angry because of whatever burned Him?  
If it's the former, then why disappear instead of punishing me like he's done when I've gotten out of line before? 
If it's the latter then why would he come here?
On that note, what in the hell could have burned Him?

I don't expect any of you to have the answers, I'm just... confused


  1. Acid, maybe? Although that seems rather anticlimatic. Hmm.

  2. Something capable of burning him, amazing.....I'm at a loss as well.

  3. Oh...Um...

    It wasn't me!

    No, seriously, I don't think it was me.

    Maybe the Burning Bride or something?

    Maybe Holy Water?

    Maybe he pulled an Icarius?


  4. Thats what he gets for trying to get in here!