Monday, June 10, 2013

So the little lamb

claims that her flock was somehow capable of inflicting that burn on Ritter...

If I trust that what she describes here truly did lead to that wound, then this is an interesting turn of events indeed.

I suspect that there is more at work here than simple faith, however. After all, Ritter, to my knowledge, has never been bothered by that before...

No, something smells off about this...


  1. My money's on the influence of another Fear, or a mysterious something else. While the first is more likely, the second has my ears pricked.

    1. Yes, the former strikes me as the most likely too. Hmm...

    2. Fears are demons and the faceless one is their king!
      We are NOT influenced by demons. We are following the will of God! This is why your master was hurt KnitWolf but maybe you dont want to accept that because it scares you!

    3. I'm sorry to disappoint you little lamb, but the idea that the entity that you serve is God does not frighten me. Do not confuse my skepticism with fear.

      Right now, I am simply curious
      I am also adjusting my priorities and plans accordingly. Your last post has been rather helpful in that regard.

    4. Oh God not this again.

      You believe your faith hurt Slendy? That's a laugh. I tried to use faith...I believe I told you this before. Tried to repel him with a crucifix, I promptly got my head slammed into a wall.

    5. I ain't religious, but I'd like to pop in and say Slendy is not the devil. The devil, or Satan, or Lucifer, or what have you, is a fallen angel, yes? So he looks like an angel. Ezekiel 10:21 describes angels as having four faces. That's four more faces than Slendy. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says that the devil masks himself as an angel of light, not a tall man with no face. Sooo... let's not.

      I don't advise talking to proxies. I get myself into trouble when I do that. A lot.

    6. KnitWolf don't try to talk like you got the upper hand. If your master couldnt do anything then what chance have you got?

      Roy maybe your faith wasn't strong enough! Maybe God was testing you

      Sanna the devil can take whatever form he wants to mess with people

    7. God was.....testing me? He was testing me by nearly letting me die?

    8. Tsk tsk Roy. You should know better than to try to bring a silly thing like logic into this

      As for you little lamb; You know what? You're right. There is absolutely nothing I can do. I have no power to affect anything under the watchful eye of your God. You are completely safe

    9. >< Laura, your own holy book says Satan takes the form of something that appears heavenly and good. It doesn't say he can take any form he wants. Also, "you can't disprove he's Satan" is not a valid argument.

      Using that logic, I can claim Slendy is Santa Claus, simply because you can't disprove it and Santa Claus takes any form he wants. And surprise surprise, it sounds ridiculous.

      As for telling Roy his faith wasn't strong enough, well that seems like a cop-out to me and an attempt to shift the blame onto him. Victim-blaming never got anyone anywhere. That's just low.

      Finally, don't talk to proxies!!!!!

    10. My dear Sanna, from what I've seen it seems that many Christians do not read the bible. I'm beginning to wonder if that is the case with the little lamb and her flock, with the exception of the priest.

    11. Sanna, for you:

    12. We now have more evidence that it is Santa Claus than we do for it being the devil. Let that one sink in.

    13. Hehehe that's hilarious

      I feel so festive now

    14. All this "bohaha how foolish it is of her to believe into God and Satan" but let us recap, shall we?

      Take us a couple of years back, half of us here thought that monsters, boogie men, Marshmallow Men weren't real, that they were just stories, fast forward a couple of years and here we are, Marshmallow Man himself is after some of us, not to mention the abominations that run around, the things they do, the places that exist that we never knew about. I find it funny that all of you dismiss the possibility of God and Satan existing, when you yourselves are running, or serving the supernatural, the things that shouldn't exist, yet here they are.

      Believe it, or not, none of us know anything about this line of existence that we live in and what creatures lurk in it, what other impossible possibilities are possible.

      Besides, wasn't Insanity babbling something about ascending to the line of a Demi-God, or God himself? That he was talking to Gods or some jumbo like that, back a couple of months ago?

      I find it funny how some of you even talk about Marshmallow Man, like you know him and you know exactly what he is, when in reality you have no idea what he is, none of us do, twas why some of us fear him, lack of knowledge about him.

      There is nothing stopping us from believing that he is Satan himself, you may consider it to be foolish, stupid, naive, anything you want, but you have no proof of it being a false assumption, just like these religious puppets have no proof of it being Satan.

      Theoretical stalemate, you are one hell of a bitch.

    15. Go back and read what I said Kelevra. I never said there was no God. Nor did I say she was stupid for being a believer.

      This is what I think is stupid--

      Laura's claim: Slendy is Satan.
      Laura's reasoning for said claim: You can't prove he isn't.

      And thus I provided--

      Evidence to the contrary for Laura's claim: From Laura's own holy book, the word of which is said to be infallible.
      Criticism of Laura's reasoning: "You can't prove he isn't" means nothing. She made the claim, and it is improper for her to shift the burden of proof to us and use it as reasoning.


      So no, I don't think Laura is stupid. I just think her reasoning for Slendy being Satan is stupid.

  2. I shot "Ritter" in the head..made him drop me, heh it was quite fun

  3. The world craves men like me.
    The world needs men like me.

    1. Hate to break it to you pally, but most of the world doesn't even give a shit about their own families, what makes you think they give a single fuck about an anonymous nobody?

      All this world craves for is Destruction.

      If you were talking about the world, as in the planet itself, then you're taking some bad pills, suggest laying off of them for the time being.

    2. Anonymous: Hehe Oh? Does it now? Care to sign your name to that and share with the rest of the class?

      Calavera: Well hello there. I'm honored that you've decided to drop in. I'd ask how you and your Fortissimo are doing, but your blog has already answered that question. Regardless, I do hope you have fun with that operation of yours.

  4. Ah hello, yes apologies, I would have commented sooner, problem is that your blog is so long, I had to read up on everything before commenting, didn't want to be out of the loop.

    We are having fun, thank you.

    I really do hope that our mission does not create a communicative barrier between us, I would hate to miss out on a opportunity to talk to such an artistic person such as yourself. Your knitting, drawing, even the way you think when you work, all of those are artistic in so many ways.

    And I am a person that appreciates art a lot, I appreciate the symbolism behind it and every story you told here on your blog, every variation of that little fairy tale, it had more of a meaning behind them, than simply the re-telling of what had happened recently in a fancy, gimmicky way.

    Also, you ask how am I doing, but it is I who should be asking that, since it is you who has been in-active for such a long time. So, if you can of course, do tell how you are doing, a long with your colleagues.

    Also, thank you for saying that you are 'honored' of my presence, I am equally and probably even more honored that you decided to answer my little comment and wondering how I and my Darling are doing.

    1. Calavera: Hm... Your first comment was marked as spam. Ah well, I saw both and no- no hard feelings to be had over your mission and I see no problem with a little friendly conversation. Though if you decide to come after us here you may have to wait in line, there is a little lamb who I think might want to take a crack at me first hahaha

      I am happy that you appreciate my art. Thank you.
      As for that fairy tale, it is far too important for me to treat it like a gimmick.

      People... most people... tend not to think about these old dear stories- their brutality, their beauty. Some people don't even think about the message conveyed within, unless it is spoon fed to them at the end.

      They don't think about how necessary the stories are.

      Has it been so long already? Time flies. Fell and Hart are doing quite well. We haven't posted much as things had been relatively quiet.

      Please excuse me if I'm coming across as distracted. You can, no doubt, see why.

    2. Oh definitely, in any way, nice to meet you.

  5. Oh knit... you know my name.
    I've been gone a long time.
    But this is a revival.
    A cleansing of the minds.

    1. Are you laughing?
      I'm everywhere knit. The ground beneath your feet, the moss growing on the trees outside of your home, the air that fills your lungs with every single breath that you take. I feel like you've missed me.

    2. No. No I'm not laughing.

    3. Don't mean to cut in, but bingo, that was my guess.

    4. Sunshine... if that is truly you...
      Why do you now post anonymously?
      Why would you wait until now to contact me?
      Why would you show up here and start going on about the needs of the world and trees and ground and the air in my lungs?

    5. Things have changed knit. You see everything around you is a riddle, it's all a riddle. Thus is the mystery of me, open to the world's interpretation. They may not know me now, but when I come undone the pieces will melt holes into the streets. You should come along.

    6. If it is really you....

      I... missed you Sunshine
      Everyday I have missed you
      How long did I spend
      Waiting watching hoping that you would come back
      that you were still alive....

    7. And silence... I've had months of your silence Sunshine and all you can give me now is some mutilated lyrics?

      Cut the shit and tell me what the fuck happened to you. Explain yourself now because I can't take this anymore

    8. Relax knit,
      I can't respond constantly because I am on the move and do not have a steady internet connection. Be patient my dear.
      The past shall lay dead.

    9. I know... I'm just... hurt

  6. Kelevra,
    I didn't mean to ignore you in my last correspondence, but I believe you have hit the nail on the head in your previous reply. Sometimes it takes an understanding that this isn't a beginning, to truly see that it's the end.

    1. I always seem to hit things on the head, so let me scratch my head on this one so I can maybe nail this one again.

      Also question, were you the same "Anonymous" that posted a comment on the "Dinner" post, in Russian "Смертной Казни", which means "Death Penalty"? If so then that means you're either Russian, or you're really good at using Google Translate, again, if that was you posting.

      So let us think, you're someone who is acquainted with Knitty, someone who knows her, someone who was killed along the line, otherwise there would be no point to that "Revival" speech you made.

      I have a hunch on who you are, you were constantly referred to on this blog, I personally don't know you, nor do I know your blogger profile, nor did I follow your blog, I don't even know if you had one, but I know for sure the nickname you used, since Knitty used it several times to address you in her posts.

      I would say on who you are based on my assumptions, but I won't, simply because I'm no spoil sport, if you wanted to reveal yourself, you would, so obviously this anonimety (If you can pronounce it like that) is somehow important to you, and I don't like to ruin other people's fun.

      Besides, I can be wrong, my guess is simply an assumption, as always.

      Also, my friend, Destruction doesn't resemble the end, it is the end that resembles Destruction, since everything ends in it.

    2. Is it strange that I like hearing you talk about destruction? There is something nice about a good friend talking about a thing they are happy with! :)

      As for Death-Penalty, if it wasn't Sunshine, then who was it? Two words and they already sound like an interesting person. Come out come out wherever you are, Death-Pen!

    3. It is good to see our friendship growing to a point when you are happy to see me talk about my favorite things, that is so nice.

    4. Well let's assume Laura is right about everything, you and I are going to hell, which actually sounds more fun since it is where all my friends will be.

      I mean heaven is a bit shallow when you think about it, they throw in some sunshine and few fluffy clouds and eternal bliss. It takes real friendship and shiz to go to a dark place with flames and make it awesome.

  7. Kelevra,
    I am a ghost from knits past. But I am far from dead or dying. I haven't posted anywhere in a long time, so that wasn't me in your "dinner" post. You may have who I am figured out based on the past entries here in knits little neck of the woods. I suppose her world just got a little more interesting.