Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

This weekend has been a blast. Went to the big Halloween festival and saw some amazing costumes, including a giant fish which was beheaded and gutted to reveal people inside dressed as the innards. Others were Lego people, Spy vs Spy, one half of Daft Punk as seen in Tron Legacy, and one of the best Jason Voorhees costumes I’ve ever seen.    

Also went to a special screening of Ghostbusters. It was a fun bit of nostalgia and the audience was very enthusiastic; in some cases saying the lines along with the movie and applauding at the end

Oh but don’t think that I’ve been lazy just because I took some time to have some fun… no… I’ve been busy…..

Happy Halloween my dears

If Ritter shows up tonight maybe I’ll give him some candy…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lycanthropic dreams and paranormal entertainment

Figured I'd share the interesting dream that I had last night:
I was standing in the middle of nowhere, a grey field with a few trees in the distance. Suddenly, my skin started to move and tear all over, the bleeding providing a stark contrast to the grey grass beneath my feet. Within each of the forming wounds I could see sharp teeth, as if the torn skin was forming a mouth. All I could feel was hunger and pain as the teeth pushed through my flesh, revealing the mouths of wolves

I rather liked that dream...

Also, I saw the new Paranormal Activity movie this evening because I’m a masochist and I don’t get enough of this kind of thing in my everyday life hahaha

Thought it was good –not as good as the first two of course, but still good. Best use of a Teddy Ruxpin doll and a Lite Brite that I’ve seen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The forces

Had a bit of an interesting encounter with someone yesterday and figured I’d share it.

I was out for a walk when a woman stopped me to ask for directions. She looked very tired and the area that she was trying to reach was in the opposite direction to the way she had been heading. I explained quite honestly that the easiest way to get where she was going would be to catch the bus a few streets over. I explained how to get there, then offered to lead her there when she looked confused. She seemed relieved at the offer and accepted.

We made small talk as we walked and she told me that she was new to the island and that she was here with her boyfriend who was at their new home. I noticed that she kept looking around as she spoke. I didn’t have to wonder why. I could feel him. “Are you in the forces?” she suddenly asked. I was caught off guard by the strange question and told her I was not. She explained that she had asked because I moved in a very swift, determined manner. “Don’t want to be a soldier?” she laughed, sounding nervous at the same time. “Well I have thought about it before” I said, which was true. I had thought about it a couple of years ago, but I didn’t think I could actually kill anyone. Heh… oh how things change.

The conversation died off there but a few minutes later she had to run to catch the bus anyway. As the bus pulled away, I saw Ritter watching from across the street. He turned and disappeared.

I wonder if she thought I would protect her. I also wonder if I’ll be seeing her again.            

Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s getting to be that time of the year again

It's nearly Halloween, my favorite holiday
Noticed that a Spirit store had actually opened up around here, so I couldn’t resist checking the place out. It was awesome, with animatronic displays galore. You could sense that most of the people who were there were the type who absolutely adored Halloween. Some kid even hid in one of the displays with a mask on and jumped out at me. That gave me and who I assume were the parents a chuckle.

Picked up a mask to add to my collection as well

This isn’t a replacement for my stitched mask of course. I just liked it.

Anyway, I didn’t make this post just to talk about my seasonal shopping, but seeing all that stuff, all those depictions of monsters and the like just got me thinking about things that used to scare me when I was a kid. Fear works in funny ways especially in the mind of a child. I remember being afraid to go to sleep because I thought that god was going to kill me. I also remember being terrified of mirrors and windows but only late at night. I think I thought that there was something watching me from the window… As for the mirrors, I don’t know, maybe I figured that if a monster was going to attack me from behind, I didn’t want to see it or something

So how about you? Any of you who read this thing, did you used to have any interesting childhood fears like that?     

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. This is the time of year when we’re told we should count our blessings, so I figured I’d do something like that here

I’m thankful for Ritter and Sunshine for reasons that should be obvious if you have read any amount of this blog

I’m thankful for Brightsky, Ty and Om for the great conversation.
By the way, Om I hope you are alright… I suppose I should congratulate you on your first kill. I hope, when you are feeling more… collected you can savor it the way I did mine.

I’m thankful for Saint for the offer of help and his patience in answering my questions

I’m thankful for those who have decided to follow my blog or who have otherwise decided I’m worth talking to   

I’m even thankful for Penelope for the role she inadvertently played in my change hehe

Think I’m gonna go get myself some turkey soup and then maybe sleep for a while before I get back to work

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Into the woods

As you may have guessed, I had a bit of an… incident in the woods recently; on Thursday to be exact. Wrote it as another story because Dia told me before that she likes my stories and Freedomcaged had said that he was looking forward to more, but here’s what happened in less flowery terms:

That evening I felt compelled to go to the woods again. I usually wouldn’t go that late for fear of being stuck out there in the dark but I knew that the compulsion wouldn’t go away and, as I said, I like the woods so I shoved a few needful things into my pockets including a flashlight, taped my knife to my back, pulled my shirt down over it, threw on a hoodie and left. 

Once there, I walked along the trail enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the area. Eventually, I began to hear footsteps behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see this guy following behind me. I kept going, noticing that he seemed to be keeping an even pace with mine so I took a look back to confirm and- good lord, he was grabbing his crotch and giving me a look that I most certainly did not appreciate.  His intentions made sickeningly clear, I sped up… so did he.

Figuring that this was going to get messy, I left the path and took off into the woods so as to avoid prying eyes. The idiot, probably thinking “woman + woods + evening = easy pickings” followed.
I’m not a very big person and I was very familiar with that area, so I was able to slip through the trees and over the roots with relative ease as I led him uphill. He on the other hand, while not an enormous man, was big enough that he seemed to be getting scratched by the branches and was either unfamiliar with the area or was not being careful enough to keep from stumbling over the roots. If only you could have heard the obscenities he hurled at me as I started to lead him back down.  
I headed towards the plateau, him close behind. I pulled the knife from under my shirt just as I reached the area, turned and thrust the knife towards him as he was barreling down. I had intended to catch him in the gut, but my aim/timing was off…. and yet so perfect… 

Yes… in the lucky shot to top all lucky shots, I wound up stabbing the would-be rapist right in the crotch. Of course, the momentum he had built up meant that we both fell, but it was worth it. We hit the ground and he rolled away from me. I was winded for a moment, but eventually managed to get to my hands and knees, taking up the knife which had been torn free in the fall. By this point, he was laying on his on his side and making a terrible racket. I crawled over to him and forced him onto his back… He wasn’t able to put up much of a fight thanks to the pain and his vain attempts to stop the bleeding, so it was relatively easy to keep him that way while I positioned myself behind his head…  Oh those panicked eyes, the expression he no doubt wanted for me…  I grabbed him by the hair, lifted his head, partly so he could get a better look at the damage and partly to keep out of the way of the blood spray and silenced him by cutting his throat. I intended to hold him like that until he died but Ritter cut that plan short when he suddenly appeared in front of us and sank one of his tentacles into the guy’s chest. I quickly let go and backed off as more of Ritter’s tentacles shot into his body, then lifted him up.  The next thing I remember is standing in my living room at home…   

Don’t know what, if anything, happened in between, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my original plans for the night. Baked some chocolate chip cookies for my coworkers as yesterday was the last day of my contract with my day job.  They were enjoyed :)

Back to my original point, I think it’s safe to assume that my dear employer set this up, given the compulsion I felt to go there…  I think my job description has officially changed somewhat

Anyway…  Dia, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I couldn’t be good like you asked… but at the same time, I’d like to dedicate this one to you, if that’s alright. I know it wasn’t David, but still….
And OPOF, I’m not trying to steal your thunder, so I hope you don’t view it as such