Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. This is the time of year when we’re told we should count our blessings, so I figured I’d do something like that here

I’m thankful for Ritter and Sunshine for reasons that should be obvious if you have read any amount of this blog

I’m thankful for Brightsky, Ty and Om for the great conversation.
By the way, Om I hope you are alright… I suppose I should congratulate you on your first kill. I hope, when you are feeling more… collected you can savor it the way I did mine.

I’m thankful for Saint for the offer of help and his patience in answering my questions

I’m thankful for those who have decided to follow my blog or who have otherwise decided I’m worth talking to   

I’m even thankful for Penelope for the role she inadvertently played in my change hehe

Think I’m gonna go get myself some turkey soup and then maybe sleep for a while before I get back to work


  1. I'm not sure if 'collected' is the correct word for how I feel, but I am back to normal. Cage certianly enjoyed the experince, and Free's reaction was similarily predictable, as for myself, it was an intresting experiment, and I don't think I'd be entirely apposed to repeating it. There's something about taking a life that is... freeing in a sense. On that note what happened afterwards wasn't so much losing control, as it was benging on my darkness, I have since taken measures to ensure that even if I give in to my crueler desires I will still be able to post coherently. In fact the whole situation earned me a few privlages, and a new perspective, I still do not plan on working with your Ritter, and I still fully expect a betrayal of our contract from one of us, but I can now see the possibility of joining the fight on the winning side... many things to ponder.

    I'm greatful to be included in your post here, just because our Thanksgiving south of your border isn't for a few weeks now doesn't mean you aren't the only one who is thankful.

    See you around

  2. Heh.. collected was the best word I could think of at the time... apologies if it was off the mark.

    Of course, I understand that freeing element of taking a life. And I noticed your new outlet for Cage. I have to wonder, and I don't mean to be rude in this, but you say you will not work with Ritter yet you have killed for him. You have kept your agreement thus far. How exactly are you not working with him?

    Have you ever fought him? disobeyed him?

    Heh.. winning side... You say that like there is a guarantee

  3. I didn't kill the runner for him, all this research has unleashed my darkness like never before, I needed a way to sate it, and there is more to that story than Cage's rambalings and my clarifications have yet revealed. Our agreement never has (and still does not) implied that I would be doing any work for him, meerly that I not actively try to sabotage him, though I have been know to find a few loopholes in that second part. I have fought him on occasion, once I even got in trouble for it, but I can never honestly say I have disobeyed him, as I have never recived orders or instructions from him. Even the bit with the runner was just a choice: kill him or watch him die, I chose the former, it was practially a mercy killing, and my purer side rationlizees it as such. As for being on the winning side... in a truely masterful game of chess you know before the match who is the better player, you know within the first few moves you is the likely winner, and you can see the entire game played out in your head by the half-way point, but there is never a guarantee. Upsets do happen, but in most real life stories the underdog loses. While this is much more complicated than a simple game of chess I always thought my only two choices were to die for the underdogs (and maybe knock out a few of the other sides more important picies along the way) or sit idlely as a spectator. Now I see the grandmaster potientially inviting me to join his side, and I'm actually considering. Still, I found information strong enough to scare him, what's to say a far more noble soul doesn't find it, too. As I said, there is never a guarantee.
    See you around

  4. Your welcome for following and talking on your blog.:)
    May I ask you a question?
    I made a message to Ritter and I would like to know if he heard it.
    Thank you!

  5. Om - Thank you for clarifying though I hope you didn't mind my questions dear. I merely wanted to understand your position in all this a little better especially in light of the killing.

    Butterfly - I'm sure he did, love. Though I will ask the next time he decides to check in on me. I can't guarantee anything, as he doesn't usually tell me his plans outside of instructions for me, but I will try

  6. Oh I forgot to tell you.
    I had stuff set up for doing the summon ritual and when I called him, there was something with the candles.
    There were three of them, two tall ones were at each side close by the drawing of Ritter and the other small one was away from the picture.
    While I called Ritter, I notice that the tall candles were flickering like crazy and the small candle wasn't. It was just still. Maybe the drawing caused the two to do that and they were close.
    I don't know. The door was closed and locked, no wind or anything, it was a guiet room.

    Umm...I saw what you type there, where you called me love. heart just leaped.
    *blushing harder*
    *blushing even HARDER*
    FUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! My cheeks are burning now.
    *awkward moment*
    Uhhh......GOTTA GO!

  7. Hehe sorry... Didn't mean to make you blush or creep you out... Around here, it's just used as a general term of endearment like "dear" or "honey". I'll stop if it makes you uncomfortable though.

    As for the ritual, hmm interesting reaction. Again, I'm sure he heard it, but like I said I will ask whenever he decides to show up

  8. No, no, no! You don't have to be sorry, it just that I blush when someone calls me a name like love or whatever. Don't even know why though but you can call me anything.
    This might sound weird, I thought inside my head saying, "Awww. You called me love!" I think it was cute. ^_^

    Yeah, for ritual it was pretty interesting of the candles.