Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s getting to be that time of the year again

It's nearly Halloween, my favorite holiday
Noticed that a Spirit store had actually opened up around here, so I couldn’t resist checking the place out. It was awesome, with animatronic displays galore. You could sense that most of the people who were there were the type who absolutely adored Halloween. Some kid even hid in one of the displays with a mask on and jumped out at me. That gave me and who I assume were the parents a chuckle.

Picked up a mask to add to my collection as well

This isn’t a replacement for my stitched mask of course. I just liked it.

Anyway, I didn’t make this post just to talk about my seasonal shopping, but seeing all that stuff, all those depictions of monsters and the like just got me thinking about things that used to scare me when I was a kid. Fear works in funny ways especially in the mind of a child. I remember being afraid to go to sleep because I thought that god was going to kill me. I also remember being terrified of mirrors and windows but only late at night. I think I thought that there was something watching me from the window… As for the mirrors, I don’t know, maybe I figured that if a monster was going to attack me from behind, I didn’t want to see it or something

So how about you? Any of you who read this thing, did you used to have any interesting childhood fears like that?     


  1. Well, this is not my childhood fears but I also get the feeling I' m being watched.
    Hey, I sometimes look at the mirrors and thought someone was at the other side of the mirror!

  2. Seems like the fear of mirrors is not all that uncommon. I've seen it brought up on different forums.

    As for feeling watched... I think most of us who have come in contact with Ritter can relate hehehe

  3. Yeah but, he hasn't came yet.
    Maybe he's waiting for the right time or something.
    Do I call him again?

    Or should I be alone and wait for him?

  4. I don't think you need to call him again... Ritter does things in his own time and he decides who he makes his presence known to. I would advise patience. At most, I would suggest continuing to take in blogs/vlogs and any information you can about him and keep him in your thoughts. As I said, I suspect it was my total immersion into all of this, that got Ritter interested in me

  5. Ok.
    I have been finding some information today and having thoughts of him.

    Oh my god! I cannot stop drawing him!!! It's like about what?.....2 MONTHS! Every day I would draw Ritter in my sketch book and sometimes do it late at night. Why can't I stop? Because he's the only thing I really like to draw.

    Also, I get so angry when I' m interrupted. I remember the time my mom told me my dinner was ready and I just ignored her. She then yelled at me, so I growled at her, put my sketch book away, and ate.
    Even my sister makes me ticked off.
    I was drawing in the living room, enjoying how guiet it was until my sister ruined the moment by ringing the door bell.
    I always have to open the door for her to let her in. I didn't want to though. I went back drawing and she sat on the same couch I was on. She began to sing (it was annoying as h**l) and moved alot which made her sit close by me. I bet she's trying to see what I' m drawing. My hands turned into fists. Anger weld up inside me and I started screaming at her. Man, I HATE it when someone's in my space so darn much! I want to be ALONE.

    I'm going to post pictures of my drawings this afternoon if there is time.

  6. I look forward to seeing those drawings. I was impressed by the one that you had posted before.

  7. Hmmm, childhood fears, I need to think about that one. I count it almost disapointing that I can't honestly say I was afraid of the dark, or the woods, or tall people in bussnisse attire. I actually rather embraced those first two, independence, solace, I feared the monsters that I knew weren't real, but they never scared me away from spots I could be with myself. I think I was aware of Cage from a very early age, and thanks to him the darkness was a comfort. The scariest beasts don't fear the light, the strongest ones chase you even during the day. Yet I was never capable of watching horror films without getting supurbly frightened, even the more intense sci-fi films would have me upset. Of course since then I've discovered real monsters can fear things, too, and now nothing concerns me much.

    See you around

  8. Heh... interesting. I was always okay with the woods, myself. The dark, not so much. It's funny how even when dealing with real monsters, kids can often still find room for the imaginary ones. I know I did. Fortunately, like you, I too discovered that real monsters are capable of fear. I know two that probably (hopefully) felt it until the end.

  9. Got them posted!;D

  10. Always afraid of falling. Much more so than the splat at the end.

  11. Hmm interesting... Never feared falling myself though I have fought the compulsion to jump