Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello my name is Fell

I’m feeling better now

I’m feeling better because the Wolf says she’s going to help me get revenge on that fucker
Oh Josh, sweetie, you’re going to regret bringing me and my my family into this you cocksucker
You’re going to regret leaving me


  1. Get strong Fell. Kick his ass and bring him to justice.

  2. Oh this should be fun. Be sure to tell us all about it.

    See you around

  3. The Wolf is letting me talk to you guys myself this time so here it goes.

    CS: That's the idea. He isn't going to be able to run away this time

    FC: Are you being sarcastic? If you are, whatever. If you're not, I know it will be. One of us will fill you in, I'm sure

  4. I find it nice that you're still alive.

  5. Hi Fell. Hit him hard okay? He deserves every bit of it for leaving you.

  6. Have you all been just as brainwashed as Fell? For fuck's sake, this isn't right. It isn't good, the man doesn't deserve it. It's simply her manipulating a broken woman.

    Ryan, your supporting this is disgusting. I have lost a decent amount of respect for you. Killing, raping, setting things on fire, it's all on one level of evil that I can handle. But this? Warping a woman's mind until she strikes out at other innocent people? That's real evil.

    Go fuck yourself, Wolfie. I truly hope this little pet of yours takes a bite out of you. All the better if she does it literally.

    1. You knew that Ritter wanted me to break her, what did you think would happen? The only other options for her would have been to either wind up as a hollow shell or dead. Would either of those have been more agreeable to you? I understand that most people would find my work horrifying but what I am having trouble understanding is your sudden apparent shift in attitude. Where was this anger before, when you were telling me that Fell should have broken already?

    2. Oh...oh...I was just trying to be nice...He did leave her to die though and.......

  7. TG: I think it’s nice that I’m still alive too

    Ryan: I will

    Amy: Josh brought me into all this and then he left me to die! How the fuck is he innocent?!
    The Wolf is offering me a chance to make him pay. She is helping me to get strong.
    It sounds like you would have preferred it if she had killed me so fuck you bitch!

  8. I'm not sure if it's a good idea but if this is what you're set on doing.. i can't stop you. He did leave you. He did bring you into this. And he hasnt tried to fight back for you. Maybe this isnt the best thing possible, but it's certainly not the worst