Monday, September 9, 2013

The door opened

I was outside watching Carmine earlier. I was feeling shitty since neither me nor Fell have gotten any sleep since the boss started in on Wolf. Carmine’s smug commentary wasn’t helping. That idiot was convinced that Wolf was being punished for what she had done to him. Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to bash his fucking head in with my crowbar. I held off because if there was any chance that Wolf would get through this and still be the same person, I didn’t want to ruin her revenge.   

Anyway, so I was outside when I heard Fell calling out. When I came in, the smell of blood and dead leaves smacked me in the face. I saw that the door to Wolf’s room was open. Fell had already gone inside, so I followed. It was horrible. The room was filthy with a mix of blood and Azoth. Fell was slowly approaching Wolf who was curled up into a ball on the floor. She didn’t look good. She looked starved. Her skin was even more pale than before and it moved. More to the point, I could see dark vein-like things moving just under it once I got closer. Her wounds were black scars

Fell said her name. Wolf flinched at the sound. Fell hesitated, then tried reaching out to her. Wolf yelled at her to stay back. We both jumped in fright.

She told Fell that she was afraid she would hurt her and that she needed more time to get her head together.  Fell set a doll down on the floor and crouched in front of Wolf. She had brought in that creepy little “Sunshine” doll. She asked Wolf if there was anything we could do or if she needed help getting dressed. Wolf asked for an apple, which I got for her. When I came back, she was sitting up, holding the doll with her legs tucked up to cover herself. I realized then that the rest of her fingernails and toenails were gone. She took the apple with thanks and began to eat.  Then she slowed, dropped it and started to shake. Before she could stop her, Fell wrapped her arms around her in a hug. I could see the things under her skin start to twitch more violently. Wolf told her to let go but Fell said she didn’t care about the risk and this was the best way she knew to help her. I sat down next to them and told Wolf that I was there to help her too. She shut her eyes tight. Whatever was going on under her skin eventually calmed down. She relaxed for a minute, then opened her eyes. I noticed that her eyes were bloodshot and even the blood vessels were black.

“I really stink right now” she said

We laughed, then Fell let her go and helped her up. While she got cleaned up, I went back out to watch Carmine. When he saw me walking out looking like shit and wiping my eyes, he must have assumed that Wolf was dead. He started to laugh, saying that he told me so. I didn’t say anything to him. At that moment, it was hard enough to keep a straight face and I wanted to keep what was coming to him a surprise  

- Hart


  1. Ahhh guess Marshmallow decided to kick her rank up a notch. Congratulations Wolfie, now you have a living, breathing creature living inside of you, feeding off of your body, just as you will be feeding off off it's abilities.

    Only don't let the substance fool you and control you, they can be pretty tricky.

    1. "Congratulations Wolfie, now you have a living, breathing creature living inside of you"

      I had to laugh when I read this part because when you put it like that it sort of sounds like pregnancy hehehe
      Appropriate, I suppose, as I'm getting weird cravings and I can feel it kicking inside.

      Every time I move, I feel it move even more. Feels so strange. Feels weird to even type this

    2. You get used to it, soon enough, you will be like one, but at the same time two. It will feel awesome.