Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feeling Sick

To be expected I guess, given the circumstance,  
but its making things more difficult

Still tired

Slept most of the day since my last post

To warm

Noticed the comments.

Oh hero, I know that pain myself. Tried it on a couple of my nails once. Felt better after

Agonia: human pin cushions are most definitly fun

Rose: Needles are useful. good to have around

Little lamb: Been a while. Sweet as ever. Calavera beat you to the punch on the “got what you deserved” front

Nd how dare you compare me to Carmine likr that
He operated at a level that I refuse to sink to. True, maybe we are both monsters, but let me tell you, I am a better one. Normally, your failure to fully grasp the situation doesn’t faze me, but I am really not in a good mood right now and I don’t think you realize the severity of the insult you have delivered. You add nothing and you are nothing but young and stupid so I’ll give you this warning. If you smear your shit on my blog again I swear I will not harm a hair on your empty head. No, instead I promise that the suffering of others around you will remain echoing through it for the rest of your miserable life.
Head is pounding… Should go to a doctor but can’t
can’t think straight

Hehehe is this how I’m going to go, I wonder? Taken out by that pathetic waste? Right near the anniversary too hahahaha

How humiliating. I shold go kill him now, just so he doesn’t have the satisfaction of knowing he killed me first.
Tried to stand- to dizzy

He just had to do that… He could have cut me to pieces smashed my bones to spliters and it would have been okay… but no, he had to
to rape ,e

Burning up

Probably shouldn’t be typing but can’t think of what else to sdo anymore
Fell I’m so sorry. I don’t know what will happen to you when I die I don’t want you to be stuck here I love you
Ritter… don’t punish them for my weakness dont leave them trapped here
It was my fault my responsibility
To fucking weak

Goddammit wolf get up you have to focus for Fell
Got to standup an fight keep ging


n you go away your not even real
why do you even care alll you are is death and hunger anyway
be happy you wont be hungry anymore
I’ll be dead
The story will have its end

Hehhehe after all this and I don’t even get a good death.
Sushine Sunshin where are you now?
You came back and disappeared again
Why don’t you come over here an put a knife in my heart? You already have done figuratively, might as well makei t litral. Least then I’d b close to you once. It would be moere dignified that this to. Hell, if Morngstar showed up and beat me to death with a baby it would be more dignified and interesting
Heh you remember my wish sunshine? Rwmemer it?

Pretty Ritter…  your singing so sweet to me now….

Is it time?

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  1. Yeah Fell, forgive me for stating the obvious, but you should probably grab a doctor.