Monday, September 2, 2013


Carmine straddled me again and began to cut.

“Cut on the dotted line” He laughed as he started to reopen some of my scars.

“You should be thanking me, Knit. I’m granting all your wishes today. I believe you once wished to open all your scars and bleed, correct?”

“Yes, I did… I intended to do it to myself…Yet here you are again, making pale imitations of your betters.”

His expression darkened. Did he really think that cutting me in such a way would be effective? Many of those scars were made by my own hand after all.

“Picking me apart again, Miss Wolf? Demanding bitch”

His smile returned

“Very well; I’ll try harder, just for you.”

He grabbed one of my breasts

I bit my lip as he slowly cut my nipple from me with my own knife.  He brought it to his lips, licked and devoured it. He then adjusted his position, leaned down and began sucking on the wound 

I felt Ritter’s presence, then saw him in the dim light of the lamp. His song gave no clue as to his intention.

I began to laugh again. The whole set up was striking me as similar to Sunshine’s capture by Penelope and her friends. I wondered what he would say to me at that moment.
I thought of Fell. Thought of every happy memory between us that I could. Those thoughts kept me going through the blur of beatings and burnings and further mutilations and… violations that followed. He made sure to keep me drugged enough to prevent escape but not enough to knock me out.

“Time to take your medicine, love.” He would say

The only periods of rest I got was when he stopped to clean me up or check his phone or take a sip from one of his water bottles. Even when he wasn’t touching me he still kept on talking.
“Oh Wolfie” He said at one point, “You’ve made a big mess. You try so hard to be the big fearsome alpha, keeping everyone in line but you’re not. You’re just a little girl, pretending to be a wolf, a broken down half-dyke bitch trying to be more than what she is. I’ve shown you the reality of what you are. Why don’t you just make things easier on yourself, admit defeat, and let the real wolves take over? There’s no shame in accepting your limits.”

“My god…” I started, before coughing “Do you hear yourself? It was YOU that failed, not me. You are the one who lacks even the most basic self-control. You’re no wolf. You’re an untrained stupid dog, acting on impulse with no thought to the consequences”

He told me that I was the one who wasn’t thinking about the consequences.  

“I don’t need training, especially not from you. You’re no different than the others I’ve worked with. Did you really believe that story I told on your blog- the tragic tale of the death of my family and how I’d simply worked with different groups. Did you ever wonder what happened to them or why I was suddenly sent to you? I killed them all you stupid bitch. I killed my family for trying to interfere when I was picked by the Tall One. I killed the others because they were unfit. Just like you, they held me back. Mr. Tall didn’t save them, no, he sent me here. I think that’s a pretty good indicator that he wants me to keep doing what I've been doing.”

I laughed at his arrogance and told him the truth of his insignificance; if the roles were reversed, if I or any of the others had made the same attempt on him, Ritter would not care. Regardless of what he did he would be no more important to Ritter than any hollow. This truth earned another outburst of anger. 

Pointing to the bladed sex toy, he said that he would use it on me right then and there if I wouldn’t learn some respect. Said he would do the same to Fell after he was done with me. This, I could not ignore. I fell silent and turned away. He laughed at this little victory, telling me that I was easily manipulated; that my love for Fell was such an “adorable weakness.” Told me to think about Fell’s safety and see reason. He said that he was doing us a favor by giving us the chance to survive instead of just killing us and that if I wanted her and Hart to get through this alive, then I should be more cooperative.

To his amusement, I uttered not another word as he continued his work. He seemed to think he had won. Even more so when I began to vomit. Regardless, he felt secure enough to leave me there. Said that he was going to get some food for himself and to get more water which he would share with me when he got back if I was still alive. He laughed and told Ritter to watch me while he was gone. Probably thought I was in too poor a condition to do anything.     


  1. Make him cry and shit himself like the little bitch he is. If I were you I would currently be making him drag his ballsack through fiery coals and broken glass.

  2. Well, since you're posting this, that means you're alive, so I can say this with no regret. Remember how you commented on my post that if I was possessed you would be disappointed? Well same here, I thought you were smart enough not to let your guard down around a scumbag like that, yet you were taken hostage and this might cruel, but your punishment was well deserved for such a mistake. But still I am rather happy, that you are alive, because that experience gives you an opportunity to become even smarter then you previously were.

    Also, I hope you left him alive, I would so be happy to rip the bastard alive, to teach him the meaning of the word "Fear." please tell me he's still alive! I SOOOO want to get my hands on him.

    1. If you do... can you make him do the dragging-ballsack-through-glass-and-coals thing? Pleeease? Pretty please? Please multiplied by 100000?