Monday, March 5, 2012

Well that went downhill quick…

Decided to go ahead with our little chat today.

I stood behind her, playing with her soft, light brown hair and enjoying the music. I giggled while she whimpered and cringed at my touch.

“You’re so cute”
She flinched at the sound of my voice but said nothing
“Tell me,” I continued- now pulling her hair, forcing her to look up at me, “is your boyfriend cute too? He ran away so fast, I couldn’t tell”
Her big grey eyes filled with fresh tears
“Poor thing, left all alone with me… With us” I said, glancing at Ritter
“H-he was just scared and half asleep” she sniffled
“Yeah,” I let her hair go, “there’s that and the fact that you were the reason I was there… You did lead me back to your house after all. OH! And thanks for that by the way. Made things a lot easier.”  

From the night I grabbed her up until this point, I had been wearing my mask and either my coat or my hoodie. I had been careful not to let her see my face or hair.
Now, however, I removed my mask, pulled down my hood and stepped around the chair to face her

“Remember me? I guess I did become something of a soldier after all, just for different forces”
She looked confused at first, but soon I saw recognition, then horror spread across her face
“Oh god no…” 
“It’s good to see you again too, dear” I laughed
“Please let me go”

I slapped her across the face

“Now now, don’t start that again and don’t give me that look either. You could have made this easier on yourself by not running. But you did run and now this has to happen. Why did you come to the island anyway?”

She was silent, but a few more strikes loosened her tongue 

“I don’t know! My boyfriend thought it might be safer here because it’s so isolated! We were hoping that thing would focus on the larger areas because there are more people who know about him there. Or at least that he wouldn’t have his stupid fuckin’ slaves here!”

My smile turned into a grin at this. I wandered over to the table where I had my knives and a pair of pliers laid out. I selected the switchblade Cat gave me and turned back towards her, nonchalantly unlocking it and enjoying the satisfying click it made when I triggered the blade. My guest didn’t seem to appreciate it as much

“No! Wait! I’m sorry I’m sorry! Please please PLEASE DON’T!” she pleaded, struggling against her restraints

“Honey…” I clamped a hand on her shoulder “I can’t help notice that lovely little tattoo you have… What’s the meaning behind it?”

“W-what? Nothing! It’s just a rose!”

Holy Hell that was a bad answer! I was actually rendered speechless.
I backed off and turned away so I didn’t end up killing her right there
Busied myself with fetching a small plate from the cupboard.
I set the plate down on the table and upon returning to her I began to cut.

She screamed as I slowly cut the meaningless mark from her body.

It took a bit of work, but I managed to take that patch of skin off in one piece. Heh… I told her she was lucky that it was a small tattoo.

I took the carved flesh and placed it on the plate. I then took a pan, placed it on the stove and put some olive oil in it. While that was heating up I added some minced garlic and herbs to it. Thyme has such a distinct smell and the scent produced by it mingling with the garlic and the oregano was very nice. It got even better once I added the skin, which crisped up wonderfully in the hot oil. When it was done I set it back on the plate to cool. Then I brought it over to my sobbing, shaking guest. 
I grabbed her face and brought the flesh to her lips. She struggled and refused to open her mouth until I threatened to start pulling teeth if she didn’t eat it. She finally gave in and consumed her own skin. At least it has more meaning to her now as food 


  1. The only flaw in that switchblade is that bloodstains take forever to scrub out of the lacquer.....other than that-- I'm glad it's serving you well, Wolf.

    1. Heh... I've noticed, but I'm taking good care of it.
      And again, thanks Cat. Having that smaller blade to work with really helped.

    2. You're welcome as always-- and don't you just love the way the handle fits in your palm? It really is a great knife.

  2. Ok, now you just made me hungery. My stomach is growling now.

    1. Ha! I made myself hungry when I was cooking her skin too so after I was done with her, I fried up some spinach and mushrooms in the same pan with the remaining oil.

      Her flesh and blood had left just a hint of flavor which was picked up by the vegetables.
      It was quite nice

  3. Forcing the canniblism of her own skin on her, I'm impressed. Though admittidly I'd have to agree with the stupidity of marking your body needlessly. Every thing should mean something, at least if it's important enough to permeantly stain your skin it should. A memory behind every tattoo and scar, a purpose behind every action, and a rule with every act. At least that's how I see it.

    See you around

    1. Hehe thank you.

      I've said it before that meaningless, pointless tattoos have always bothered me.

      That's why I'm in the process of ensuring that she will have more meaningful marks