Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stitch by stitch

My dear guest has been keeping me so very busy

I have started feeding her, though not enough to keep her comfortable. I’ve been giving her small portions of rice. She doesn’t seem very happy with that diet though I suspect she’s a little relieved that she is no longer on the menu

And as you could probably tell from her introduction, I’ve been cutting into her soft, slight body.
Been making cuts and sewing some of them up. Told her that she’s starting to look like she has seams hehe 

Carved this design above where her tattoo used to be

It’s what she is to me. What she will be
I also carved an operator symbol into her just across from that

I haven’t been working completely alone though

I’ve been having lovely conversations with Sunshine online, through which, he’s made suggestions and inflicted torments of his own

You might have noticed that Kristy said that I cut her thigh because of “some guy” who asked me to. Well, that guy was Sunshine. He asked me to cut a strip of flesh from the inside of her left thigh, but I feared that that would do more damage than I could reasonably control so I made two smaller cuts instead. One because he asked, one because I couldn’t cut her the way he wanted.

He’s been such a great help. We’ve been having little question sessions with her hehe
Thanks to her refusal to write, then her insult to Cat, she had 8 fingernails when we began. She’s now down to 2
Heh… only took the removal of two fingernails to get information about her parents and where they live. The rest that I took came off because she first neglected to mention having a little sister, then lied about out where she goes to school, then insulted me.

Mouse, I hope she decides to follow your advice soon, else there’s going to be nothing left of her hehehe  

Anyway, her resistance was all for nothing as Sunshine successfully managed to locate and contact dear Sammi. I’m sure they’ll have a great time together.

I told Kristy not to worry about giving up her family after relatively little torture (it was the bit of info on her parents that led Sunshine to her sister after all) as I probably would have done the same. She called me a monster. My response: “exactly”. She looked horrified

Oh how she begged for her poor little sister to be spared. Then she begged for her to be given a quick death when given the option of choosing Sammi’s fate.

She kept saying that Sammi wasn’t involved with any of this. I don’t think it had quite sunk in that Sunshine was doing this on his own, without Ritter’s influence. We had already explained that though…. Perhaps she just didn’t want to believe it… oh well  

You know, Kristy even tried to substitute a friend in her sister’s place. Unfortunately, by that time, naïve little Sammi had already said that she was going to bring her along haha

To the anonymous commenter from the last post, you’ll be happy to know that she’s been saying her prayers. Doesn’t seem to be doing her much good


  1. nice song.

    i cant say i approve of the torture, but i'm sure, her being human, she deserves it somehow.

    we all deserve a bit of that. if she misbehaves or says something stupid, you should sew her lips shut for a day.

    1. Heh... good idea

      And I'm glad you enjoyed the musical choice

    2. it was interesting. certainly a stretch from my usual but i'm open minded.

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      if you want to talk privately

  3. What does the symbol mean, Wolf?

  4. I find your torture...amusing. You seem to have experience with it. I myself don't have much patience for it...but you seem to be doing a wonderful job at it.

    1. Well thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Honestly though, this is my first attempt at torturing someone. If I seem experienced it's most likely due to the help and suggestions, the fact that I did some homework beforehand and the fact that I've gone through some of this stuff (self inflicted or otherwise) myself.