Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An experiment

My weekend plans got slightly delayed

I must confess loves, I’ve been naughty… My dear employer is not happy
Such a jealous god, he is…
Not sure if his anger is due to a warning whispered behind his back, a bad influence, or just the very idea that his will might be challenged in any way
Still shaken from Ritter’s… tender mercies

Don’t fret however, I’m alright. Late Sunday night, I took a few of my needles and stuck them under some of my own fingernails and then I felt right as rain… Ritter seemed to like it too
Couldn’t let things get me down Mrs. Brown… I needed to cheer up, get up and earn another scar 

So yesterday, I moved on to the next stage in my plan… The experiment

Salvia Divinorum, for those of you who don’t know, is a nifty little plant that was traditionally used for spiritual healing rituals. Ingesting the leaves can cause various sensory hallucinations and the juice of the crushed leaves makes for a rather enlightening cup of tea that tends to leave you with a sense of well-being. I’m fairly sure it’s still legal in most of the United States, while up here in Canada it’s kind of a legal shade of grey. The point is, the fine people at the local New Age shops will sell it if you ask nicely, so I went on another little shopping trip just for Fell. I tell you, I spoil that girl. 

When I came back, I set about making the tea. My hope was that it would help make her more suggestible. Once it was ready and cooled sufficiently I brought a cup of it to Fell’s lips. She drank it without much resistance, though after a few minutes, I could see it dawning on her that something wasn’t quite right 

“What did you do to me?”
“I just gave you some tea, that’s all dear”

She looked down and muttered something I couldn’t quite hear. A few minutes later she looked back up

“Everything’s moving”

She went silent for another few minutes

“I think I’m becoming part of this chair” She said finally “I’m growing into it or it is growing into me”
“Well, everyone has to be part of a chair sometime, I guess” I said with a laugh

She started giggling “that doesn’t make sense”
“Yeah? Well neither does this pencil” I said, holding up a marker

She looked genuinely confused for a minute, then started to laugh. Then she turned towards Ritter: “I can see all your little pieces, like little black worms. Better be careful the crows don’t get you”

 I laughed at this and Ritter tilted his head
“Speaking of which,” I said, deciding to guide the conversation a little, “How did you two crazy kids meet?”

“That’s the tallest fuckin’ kid I’ve ever seen…Saw him in the park once with regular sized kids”
“He is a tall boy isn’t he?” I said. She giggled in response, so I continued “Did you see him any time before then?”

“No- well in those videos that Josh… showed… me” She seemed to drift off
“Josh... That’s your boyfriend, right?”

I had come to know his name already, but I had been waiting to see if I could get her to tell me willingly

“Yeah” She frowned and seemed to be thinking or trying to focus. “He left me”
“So he did” I said

“Let me get this straight… From what you’ve told me, Josh introduced you to Slender Man, then you both started seeing him, then you had to deal with the proxies in that area so you came here, which was his idea. I turned up in your bedroom, which was clearly too close for his comfort, so he took off, leaving you with us. Am I correct so far?”

Her tears had started to flow again, and she could barely get out a faint “Yeah”
“So then… he is ultimately the reason that you’re here? Wow… You know, from the sounds of it, I bet he was just keeping you around as a human shield in case something like this happened”
“I loved him… He said he loved me... I thought he did”

She wept for a little while, then seemed to get lost in her own thoughts

“I miss my rose” She said finally
“Aw, I know you do Fell but at least you have all these other pretty designs and they look so nice on you”

She started to brighten up slightly

“But my name isn’t Fell”
“Isn’t it? Why not? Fell is such a nice name. It’s cute just like you”

She started giggling through her remaining tears

“Thanks… but I think my name is Kristy”
“Why is that name so important?”

She laughed

“I don’t know… It’s just my name”
“That doesn’t seem like much of a reason”
“Well… my parents gave it to me”
“Your parents? The people you sold out so quickly? They can’t be that important to you… if they’re even still alive… if they would want to have anything to do with you anymore… look what you did to your friend; what you did to your sister, after all”
“I didn’t want to! I didn’t want to be here”
“Then why did you come to the island?”
“Josh said we’d be safe! He promised me! He left me… He brought me into this…”
“And your family”
“Oh my god…He did! How co-

Her words broke off and she started sobbing like a child.
I moved behind her and placed my arms around her shoulders in a gentle hug to try to get her to calm down. I whispered sweet words of understanding, speaking as if she had come to that conclusion about Josh herself and that I hadn’t presented her drug addled mind with the same mere moments ago.

I felt her relax into the hug as much as her restraints would allow. She started to drift off and I didn’t stop her

I think I might have made some real progress with this experiment, though I can’t be sure just yet… Either way, I certainly had fun with it hehe

Ritter is still not happy, pleased though he may have been with my needlework and my tactics with Fell, but I hope by the time I’m finished with her, he will be


  1. Salvia.....that's some strong shit.

    I am glad he's not as angry at you anymore, dear Wolf. And I'm glad that Fell is making progress.

    1. Ah, so I take it you've heard of it before
      It seems that it is a relatively little known substance... at least when compared to things like Marijuana.

      Thanks again for your concern and support Cat

  2. She should have already broken, Wolfie.

    1. Shh, there there. I know you're eager but these things take time. Patience love. Hehehe

      I've said it before, I'm new to this process so it's probably taking me longer than it would for a more experienced person. Or it could be that you were correct in bringing up the point of resilience, previously. Who knows? Maybe that's a part of why Ritter chose her for me to break

  3. Fell. It is a beautiful name.. i've read it somewhere, but i cant remember. i swear there was a character named Fell once...hmmmm

    1. I'm glad you like it dear... Heh you sound close to discovering one of my reasons for giving her that name

    2. only.. i swear it was a book on wolves. if i remember correctly, fell was one of two wolves. He was the younger? brother of a white wolf, who i cannot remember the name of. had something to do with snow. didnt she die saving the world or something? and then he became a badass....i need to find this book again. >:( i can't remember all the details, probably the important ones too.

    3. Larka was the white wolf. The book was the Sight. ^_^; The sequel was also named after Fell.


    4. Heh that's interesting... A different, much more recent (2002, I believe?) written work from that which I took influence (1896), but an interesting coincidence

    5. i was partially right? neat. Fell was my favorite, mostly cuz i read his book first because my librarian didnt haver her brain about her at the time. Fell was magnificent.

      /fangirl also