Thursday, March 8, 2012

And now a word from my guest

Hello, my name is Kristy and I’m 25.   

My favorite color is blue. She says she’ll make the text that color just for me

She is making me write this. She says she wants me to introduce myself.

Well I’ve done that. I’m finished


Sshe tookemy fngerwnaoil. She wanrs nw ti wurite miore. Ith hurtit hrts

Im frpm Omntazrio origionally
Ww startes seein that thing avout ayear afo it got wors then thse ppeiole coame and we ran

Idont wat to rite morefsf

She keepas stareing adn cutig and sewwing and tying me in kn ots
Sjhe sai that the cts onmy thugh was for some guy who akjed her to.

I dont want fo die

Who arer you preole y are you readeing thias? Why are youe asking her to hurt me more?
Are tyou all like her?

God whiu us this happening to mw? Did I do somthing bad? Please God Im sorry

Maybe thats why he leaft me Mayube I deserved is, I lead her to us I wsa so stupeid
Im sory


  1. God will save you child

    1. Ooh the first mysterious anonymous comment

      Well Nony, Kristy didn’t have much to say about your comment, maybe because I was still laughing when I showed it to her, or maybe she was silently wishing he’d hurry up

      God is such a tricky title here; to some it’s the invisible old man in the clouds, to some it’s the tall, faceless fellow, to some it’s completely different. Which is it to you?

  2. Hi, Kristy-- it won't go on forever.

    Sorry you had to meet my old switchblade so soon.

    1. Cat, Kristy had a response for this but I'm not dignifying it by posting it.

    2. Insults, eh? Ah well, I tried. Thanks for being the messenger, Wolf.

    3. Don't worry, I don't think she'll do it again

  3. You've got a front row seat to observe a tragedy unfolding. However, the tragedy is not your own.

    Assuming she's letting you check the comments, lets see if I can give you some advice...

    1) Contrary to the above, "God" will not save you. Unless Mr Nameless was referring to a different kind of god, in which case, still no. Salvation, as it exists within your mind, is out of your reach. No one is coming to save you. Acceptance of this fact would be beneficial to your psyche.

    2) Whether by her hand or "His", you're going to die. Accepting this will make all the other things easier.

    3) Let go of your fears. As previously stated, the end is near and you're going to die. There's no sense in holding on to such meaningless artifacts. Doing so will make you stronger, if only for a little while.

    4) Whatever she's telling you to do... such as writing this blog post... do it without question. Don't complain, don't resist. Obey. That should also make everything easier and hopefully less painful.

    5) Next time she asks you a question. Answer. And tell the truth. DO NOT LIE. I shouldn't need to remind you what kind of torment will come from doing that.

    Hm... I think that's all I've got. You're probably going to be stubborn and not listen to me, but if you don't well... I tried, didn't I? The rest will be your fault. Good luck.

    1. “You've got a front row seat to observe a tragedy unfolding. However, the tragedy is not your own.”
      Care to elaborate on that Mouse?
      And yes, I’m letting her read the comments. Unfortunately, most of her responses are either silence, insults or tears. She broke down while reading yours but I hope she takes the advice. Right or wrong, it will be better for all involved if she does

    2. I imagine anyone in her position reading what I said would break down. It's not something anyone in or out of that situation would want to hear. But it was the truth and the closest thing to solace I could provide that would be of any long-standing meaning. So hard as it may be, I hope she follows my advice as well.

      As for the other, I seem to be reading the story of a woman who's been guided into the role of the very thing she joined her benefactor to gain revenge upon. And isn't that the purpose of your current assignment? Recreating your old circumstances? Isn't that why you resisted at first? Yet you seem to be rather enjoying yourself now... I find that kind of sad. Unless I'm, once again, horribly mistaken.

    3. Yes I resisted. Yes that is why I resisted. But I’ve come to accept what I am. I am a monster, just as they were monsters to me. I just happened to become a better, stronger one who isn’t full of shit about what she is. If my dear guest gets loose and attempts to take revenge, I won’t be surprised or fearful. I will embrace it, as that will be her right.

      As for my enjoyment…. Mouse, I’m not sure how you missed it, but I enjoyed my job before this. Now that I’m past that irrational, personal hang-up I can enjoy it again.

  4. Oh Kristy, you've exerinced a dramatic change in your life before, when you first became hunted you knew your life would never be the same. That's all this is, another change, simply a far more painful one. My freind above is wrong, your death, at least your near death, is not set in stone. You may yet survive this, but then again, are you so sure that's a good thing. Regardless, good luck to you.

    See you around

    1. Om, she was still crying over Mouse’s comment when she read yours but I hope that she takes what you said into consideration as well.

  5. we're all monsters, knitwolf. whether we're like kristy or we're like you or we're like me or we're like the paranormals themselves. we're all monsters. some are just better at hiding it.
    i'm sorry for you kristy. everything ends sometime.

    i'll see you in hell, okay?

    1. Indeed we are, dear.

      I showed Kristy you're comment. Her only response was the sad eyes hehe