Friday, March 23, 2012


As I said previously, Fell had been in a stupor since Friday, but that changed yesterday

I had been sticking needles through the flesh of her right breast while taunting her over everything that had happened and her current condition. She was whimpering and crying but not saying anything else.

I laughed, “You’re becoming my pretty little pin cushion as well as my sweet, suffering doll”
“Fuck you” came the sudden response
I admit, I was taken by surprise
“What was that?” I said
“Fuck you, you psychotic cunt! I’m not your doll because unlike you, I’m not a toy! You’re that thing’s toy! His bitch! Cori’s dead… Sammi-”
“I liked you better when you were quiet, Fell” I said, picking up one of the razor blades “How about we go back to that, hmm?
I grabbed her face and crammed the blade into her mouth
“Don’t try to spit it back out, you’ll ruin the fun! We’re going to play a little game now. We’ll see if you can shut up and stay still until I finish sticking you with the needles. If I hear so much as a whimper out of you or if you move I’m going to start hitting you, which I can guarantee you won’t like… You might even end up swallowing the blade. I’d love to see the look on your face as your insides are being cut. Oh, and if you try to spit the blade out, I’ll sew your mouth shut with it inside”     
Her eyes went wide but she remained still. I continued my work, taking my time, savoring every needle. I took breaks every so often too.

The poor thing tried her best. For a while, all I could hear was her pained, frightened breathing as she stared straight ahead. Eventually though, she started to shake. I looked up from my work to see the fear in her eyes increasing as her hurt, tired body betrayed her. I grinned, gently brushing a hand against her soft cheek.

I slapped her

It was a light slap, but enough to move the blade and cut the inside of her mouth. To her credit, she made no attempt to remove the blade and she remained quiet despite the tears in her eyes and the blood dribbling out of her mouth, so I allowed her some time to compose herself before continuing with the needles.

I only had to slap her twice more due to her shaking. The rest of the time she was still and silent.
I stood in front of her, holding up a needle and admiring my work.
“Where should I start sticking these now hmm? Heh… maybe your twat next, what do you think?”
She didn’t move or make a sound. I was very impressed.
“Good girl”
I put down the needle and told her to open her mouth, which she did, then I removed the razor blade
“Congratulations, you made it through. You’ve won a little break. Oh, and you can scream now, if you want to”   
She spat out some blood. While I was working, she had been either staring straight ahead or had kept her eyes shut. Now she seemed to be taking in the full extent of the damage done with the needles. I had covered both breasts, and parts of her belly and thighs… Even stuck a needle under each of her two remaining fingernails, though she couldn’t see that. I thought she looked like a work of art. She apparently did not agree. I heard her whisper “I’m okay” to herself a few times as she surveyed my work before she finally broke down and let out a howl of misery, followed by sobbing

I have since removed the needles. Other than the usual clean ups, I will not touch her again for the next couple of days unless she does something stupid.

Again, I’m very impressed and pleased with how this worked out. It’s got me feeling good about my plans for the weekend… a little experiment.

Unfortunately, the occasion has been somewhat marred by my concerns. I had a short conversation with sweet Penelope after I posted last night that has me very worried for Sunshine… though part of me is wondering how much of what she said to believe. She claims that Ritter doesn’t like that Sunshine doesn’t show fear and has lead him to where her and her friends can get him. She claims that Ritter told one of her friends that he wouldn’t be there were it not for me…

Like I said, I don’t know how much of it I believe as sweet Penelope and her little friends seemed to be able to find Sunshine easily enough before without Ritter’s help…


  1. Now I know why the Tall One chose you. It's almost beautiful how you torture this girl.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad that you appreciate the beauty in my work too

  2. What will you do with her when you're bored with all the torturing? Slit her throat? Piss on her ashes? Maybe desecrate her corpse a bit before you dump it in an alley somewhere?

    My, but you ARE a terribly disrespectful girl. Even Sunshine's torturing doesn't go on this long.

    1. Hehehe Oh my.

      Sunshine's torturing may not usually go on for this long but his aim is different than mine, in this case anyway. If I had free reign to do what I wanted, she would be dead by now. However, I am under orders to break her, mold her into something Ritter can use. My methods are mostly meant to cause the maximum amount of mental damage I can without causing extensive physical damage. In that regard, the little game I played with her was rather risky, but I felt that the pay off would be worth it.

      Also, I admit that I'm new to the torturing game. My methods are based on the homework I did beforehand, the suggestions of others, and going through some of it myself, whether by my own hand or that of another. Thus, it's probably taking me longer to do achieve the goal than it would for one who is more experienced

      When my work with her is finished, it will be up to Ritter to decide what happens to her

    2. People are more resilient than you think. It'll take a bit longer than you'd probably like to begin with.

  3. Maybe I've just known weak people my whole life, Wolf, but she sure is holding out. I've got to respect that, even if just a little. o_o

    How much more do you reckon she can take?

    1. I don't know... probably not that much more...
      The experiment I had planned should help with that...

      I might send you an e-mail later

    2. I will check my mobile mail regularly, then. ^^