Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I’m still in shock and I have a lot of ground to cover so bear with me.
Sunshine is, in fact, alive. Spoke to him Friday night. I’m still hurt by what he did but I’m relieved that he’s okay.

Poor Fell is relieved too, if only for the fact that I’ve come out of the state I was in. She’s been very good through all of this. Will talk about that more in a minute

First I’ll talk about my last victim. The fourth of those we took from that run down building. She’s long dead. Went out to finish the job after I posted about her. Lost control for a minute. Not my best moment. I screamed all my frustrations at my captive then hit her with the shovel when she called me a whore of the devil. I had been careful to avoid covering her face with the dirt up to this point. Now I shoveled it in purposefully, making her choke on it.

I found out a couple of days later that I had shocked Fell with my loss of control. She had spoken to Sunshine about it and I saw the conversation history. She seemed okay at the time of the killing, especially in light of her bloodlusting post later that night but apparently it troubled her and she worried for me. I must not lose control again.

While she was talking to Sunshine I was out making a delivery- a box containing a finger, a tooth, an ear and a piece of skin. Apparently the group of runners had since gone their separate ways. I managed to keep track of the priest though. Found him on a park bench, asleep but still clutching his cross as if it would protect him. I dropped the box onto him and walked off into a grouping of trees. I heard him scream just before the area around me shifted to the dead end path.

Once I got back and discovered the impact that the previously mentioned loss of control had on Fell, I resolved to ease her mind by taking her out for some relatively non-violent fun. The next day we played a few rounds of Ice Ball at the local arcade. Came away with a bag of assorted blue rubber lizards as a prize. Then we took the scenic route over to a candy store where we loaded up on gummy skulls, sour candy, chocolate cranberries, jelly babies and licorice. We headed home and sat back to watch I Spit on Your Grave and An American Werewolf in London. We also decorated the cabin with the lizards which now peek out of random places. Fell smiled, which I was happy to see. The next day we hung out. Fell slept for most of the day. I did some knitting and even offered some knitting tips to someone online who was asking. Later that night was when Sunshine started talking to me…. When he made that suicide attempt.

I shut down after that. I spent the next few days staring at the computer screen or passed out. Outside of making that post, I only spoke to Cat, online. Fell kept vigil, trying to get me to eat but I could only accept the offer of tea            

Then he was online again… Like nothing had happened. He apologized to me and we talked for a bit. Like I said, I’m still hurt but I’m relieved.

The next day I was still in shock but I headed out with Fell in the late afternoon anyway. It was a nice day so we went to a park. Not a fan of birds but we still took some time to feed the ducks and watch the swans swim around one of the park’s ponds before we took to wandering the trails. Afterwards, we picked up a few ingredients and went home. I made some fettuccine alfredo for us and we settled in to watch some cartoons from the 80s. Rainbow Brite is awesome.

I think that’s everything of interest right now so I’ll end here.


  1. I am quite jealous of your bag of blue lizards. XD

    And I'm so happy to see that you're feeling better.

    1. Haha they are pretty nifty I must say. If you ever come to visit us here, we'll have to take you to that arcade and get you some lizards of your own.

      Thanks Cat. And thank you again for listening.