Saturday, July 7, 2012

Been Drawing again

Figured you might like to see some of it

This one was done as a gift for Cat. She is a fan of Pokemon and so was Diaemus so I did a lighthearted tribute to them with the Gliscor representing Diaemus and the Liepard representing Cat. I'm just glad that it made her smile

This one was done for Sammi and Diesel. I based it off their current icon, except I gave the Houndoom Diesel's baseball bat 

This one was a reference to Whitecrow and the nickname I gave him

Finally, this one I did just for myself because I felt like drawing something cute and violent


  1. Is that a wolf eating a fox's face?'s both cute and disturbing.

    1. Close. It's a wolf eating a red panda's face

      Heh Thank you

  2. These are really well done. You're pretty good at that stuff.

    And... the last one made me giggle way more than it should. Clearly there is something wrong with me...

    I am okay with this. *setting it to wallpaper*

    1. Thank you my dear Mouse

      I'm glad you like my drawings. Nothing wrong with enjoying some adorable gore haha