Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just dirt in the ground

Well the job is done and Leo has gone on his merry way. Apparently, a nest of thirteen runners had sprung up in my absence and Ritter wanted four of them killed.

This was another adventure in homelessness as they were squatting in the remnants of what used to be a shop downtown. It wasn’t that difficult to observe the location and their movements undetected, considering the busy area. Likewise, it wasn’t that difficult to follow and capture one of them yesterday after he left the building to go about his business. Just pulled him into an alley, then bamfed back to the cabin where Leo was waiting. Looked to be a priest, judging by the cross and collar, dirty though it was. We beat our captive into submission, tied him up and gagged him. Brought him with us when we returned to that little three storey brick building that night.

During the time we were watching them, I made sure to catch a glimpse of the inside of the place through one of the front widows where there was a space between the boards that covered them. That glimpse was enough to let me teleport us directly into the building, so as to avoid prying eyes. As I suspected, there was no one near the entrance, most likely to avoid the same. We could hear footsteps above us, so we moved as quickly and quietly as we could into position.    

Leo began to douse the priest with lighter fluid. He then removed the gag. Our captive didn’t disappoint as he started screaming. Leo got a lighter and one of his fighting fans out. Alerted by the screams, the other runners came into the room, weapons drawn. They stopped, however, when they saw the predicament their friend was in.

“We’ve come not to massacre but to make a trade.” I said. Pointing to those we were after, I continued “You four drop your weapons and come with us right now and we’ll leave peacefully. If not, then my friend here will start making some holy smoke and you will all die”

At this, Leo lit the lighter.

“Path of needles or path of pins, the choice is yours, but decide quickly” 

The priest started yelling at them not to give in to “the servants of the devil” but after a few moments, and Leo bringing the lighter closer to the bound man, they came forward, giving themselves up. Keeping my word and following Ritter’s orders, we teleported away as soon as they were in hand, sparing the others.

Three of the four are quite dead now and oh my, did we have fun with them. Once we got them securely bound, Leo dragged one outside and set him ablaze. He watched the man burn before heading off. Brother, if you happen to read this, thank you again for the help and we wish you well on your journey.

The second was a woman whose life Fell took. I must say, I enjoyed the giddy enthusiasm she displayed as she strangled her.

This enthusiasm carried over to the third. We shared this kill. Filled the bathtub up with water and forced his head under. We brought him up for air a couple of times, during which we taunted and kicked him. Eventually we held him under until he drowned. The boy was strong and fought to the last.

This brings me to the fourth. She is still alive but not for long. She was quite the state when I finally got to her, having witnessed the death of one of her friends and hearing the fate of the others. On top of that she’s had time to sweat while Fell and I dug a hole in the clearing in front of the cabin. I occasionally took a break to come in and cut her a few times before going back out to continue. Finally, when the hole was deep enough, I returned to her. Removed one of her fingers before dragging her outside and tossing her into the hole. I’ve been in the process of burying her alive since then. I believe that when I am finished with her, I will take her finger, as well as pieces from each of the others and return them to that priest. I’m sure he’d be happy to be reunited with the missing members of his flock


  1. I'm out here, hahahahahaha. It was a pleasure working with you ladies, truly. Now take care and let me know next time you need a hand or a flame.

    1. It was good working with you too, Leo and feel free to call on us should you ever need our help as well

  2. Take care of yourself too ya fucking fire bug :D

  3. i wonder if the priest will keep them.