Thursday, May 3, 2012

Story Time 6

 Once upon a time there lived a little girl and a little boy. The boy told the girl that he loved her and would keep her safe and the little girl believed him.

One fine day, the girl set off on an errand that took her through the woods where she was spotted by a wolf. The little girl went about her business and returned home, not knowing that the wolf had followed her.

The boy who had spoken such sweet promises now saw the wolf, gave out a cry and fled, leaving the girl to die in its jaws.

The wolf began to consume the girl, devouring her sorrow, her softness, her broken heart, leaving her a lean hardened creature, hungry for vengeance on the boy who left her. Pleased at the transformation, the wolf offered to help the girl in her revenge.

And so it was that they hunted the boy until they found and cornered him

The boy was horrified at the creature so similar to the wolf that he once knew as the little girl, began to stammer

“What big eyes you have”    

All the better to see you for the pathetic coward and liar you are”

“What big ears you have”    

“All the better to hear you scream”

“What big teeth you have”    

 She gave a wicked grin

And the wolf, Fell, upon the boy giving him the death he had left her to

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