Friday, May 4, 2012

Cold and sweet

You’ll remember I mentioned that dear Josh had taken to squatting. Well this evening myself and Fell paid a visit to the abandoned house that he had been using as a shelter. Oh my, was he surprised when he returned. He entered through that broken basement window, turned, saw me and tried to jump back out. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, throwing him off balance and thrusting him into the darkness of the basement.

“Hello Josh”

“What do you want?”

“What do I want?  Oh just a little chat, that’s all. Interesting living arrangement you have here, by the way… What happened? Couldn’t pay the rent on your own?”

“Please just let me go-”

“Sorry dear but I can’t do that”

“Why not? I haven’t seen your kind or that demon in over a month. Why can’t we just keep it that way?”

I laughed

“Did you start thinking it was over?”

“I- I figured maybe the demon had what it wanted- that it wasn’t interested in me”

“Had what it wanted? Oh! You mean your girlfriend, right?”


“Yes, the one you left- that was quite the break-up technique there by the way. Interesting that you haven’t asked about the poor thing… Don’t you want to know what happened to her?”


“And to think, you could have saved her”

“There was nothing I could do! You had her!”

“Two against one and you didn’t even try”

“I did what I had to, to survive! I wanted to live!”

During our conversation, Josh had been backing away from me and towards some old, half rotted stairs, most likely planning to make a desperate dash once he got close enough. Unfortunately for him, Fell had been using them as a hiding place and it was at this point that she stepped out and sank her tomahawk into his back

The look on his face was just wonderful

“So did I.”  She said as she pulled it free

Josh hit the floor. Fell circled and kicked him, forcing him to his side

“Hi sweetie… it’s been a while”

“W-who…?   Kristy?”

“Not anymore.”  She said, continuing to circle him “But I am just truly fucking touched that you recognized me with the mask and hair and all, especially since you seemed to be in such a goddamned hurry to forget me!”

She brought the tomahawk down on his leg. He screamed, then started to beg

“Stop! Don’t kill me! Oh god Kristy please- I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

“You brought me into this!  You brought my family into this! Then you fucked off and left me! Why should I have mercy on your stupid, selfish ass?!”

“I-I love you…”

“No, you don’t and you didn’t, but back when I was Kristy I loved you, you son of a bitch”

“You're still Kristy”

“No, my name is Fell”

And with that, she brought her axe down upon him again and again
Her rage and brutality were quite beautiful to behold. Part of me wished to join, but I knew this had to be completely her test, her choice, her revenge, her kill. Thus, I merely observed the proceedings while keeping an eye out for unwanted guests

The boy finally fell silent and myself and Fell were left looking at each other. She still gripped the tomahawk like she was ready to start swinging again. Under my mask, I smiled.

“Which path will you take now?” I asked, stepping towards her, my arms extended, inviting the swing while promising comfort.

I drew closer, she remained tense.

“The path of needles or the path of pins?”
I reached out a hand. She allowed me to take the weapon from her, then collapsed into my arms as I embraced her.

Ritter’s song intensified as he appeared in the room. Fell moved from the hug to face him. I could tell that she was hearing him now. I watched as his tendrils moved towards us. Some wrapped around Fell… I bowed my head as they lifted her up. I remembered my own rebirth as a proxy as some of his tendrils began moving around me. His song had lost the angry tone it previously carried now relating his pleasure with my work instead. I felt euphoric.

His song then began to carry new compulsions.  
Fell would stay with me and follow my commands.

I sank to my knees... Ritter returned her to me, then turned and disappeared.

I have been holding her almost constantly since we got back. I figure it’s what she needs right now and the fact that she has wrapped her arms around me in return suggests that I’m right