Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shit happened

The Wolf is gone right now. I don’t know where she went. Before she left, she asked if I wanted to make a blog post to add to what she said about me and Josh or just to talk about anything on my mind so here I am.

First, the thing with my ex:

I think it’s been, what, like a week since I killed that asshole? The days sort of blur together here.
Anyway, what a whiny little bitch he was, begging me not to kill him when he was cool with leaving me to die. Fuck him with a rabid badger.

So yeah, I’m glad he’s dead.

Second, my tomahawk:

I fucking love this thing. I just saw it and immediately imagined giving Josh a good smack with it. I thought it would be all sorts of hurt-y fun and it was <3

Ah it’s great! It’s like beating and stabbing someone to death all rolled into one :D

Third, the Wolf:

I was so happy that the Wolf approved of my weapon of choice.  
We’ve been having sparring sessions and I’m getting better. The stronger I get the more the pace is picked up but I think I’m keeping up well.
She’s helped me to get so much stronger and to get my revenge so I want to make her proud

The Wolf has been very kind to me too. It’s almost hard to believe that she’s the same person as the one who did those things to me, though I understand now why that had to happen
Oh! She says she wants to teach me how to knit too :)

Fourth, the boss

Slender Man, the demon, Ritter, Tall Man… Everyone seems to have their own titles for my new boss. What the hell, I might as well get in on the name game too. The Wolf keeps making fairy tale and nursery rhyme references- maybe I’ll call him the Tailor? What do you fuckers think?

So what can I say about him?

Haha You runners out there? Just stop. You won’t win.

I heard his voice when he showed up after I killed Josh. The Wolf calls it his song. Well folks, if that’s a song then he’s a terrible singer. I haven’t heard it since and I’m glad. The Wolf says she hears it all the time. I don’t know how she can stand it and not go nuts.  

Well that’s all I can think of to say right now, so how are you cunts doing?


  1. us unbearable people out here are doing marvelous. glad things worked out between you and the asshole.

  2. Ahaha Good! Thanks, I'm pretty happy it worked out too :D

  3. You seem pretty cheerful. its a little infectious. :)

  4. I'm like a fucking virus! :D

    I can't help it. I've been feeling fucking fantastic since I axed the bastard.

    The Wolf has also been great which is why I wish she'd hurry up and come home! AH!

  5. Bitches be doin' fine here, yes?

    Seriously though. I like that name for him, Fell-- the Tailor. Also, knitting is fun and your cheer is viral to the point that I'm sitting here laughing. Just fyi.

  6. I infected you! >:)

    The Tailor it is then

    Also, the Wolf is home! She got back a little while ago
    and looks like shit but at least she's back

  7. You sound like a five year old that picked up a kitchen knife. The only thing terrifying about you is how pathetic you are and how far you've fallen. How utterly sickening.

    1. Brightsky, how nice of you to check in on us. I hope you are doing well in your new life.

      I see you're wearing the mask of righteousness today.

      Tell me love, why does Fell disturb you so?

      Is it because she strikes a little close to home-
      a reminder of that time we worked together?

      Poor Collin... You may not have been the one stabbing him but you led him to the trap

    2. The likelihood of your feeling true pity for him is low. Your false words don't hurt me. I apologize if this inconveniences you. But no, the reason Fell irritates me so is her over enthusiasm. Not to mention I was more dangerous than her before I ever started writing my stories, and yet she wants to curse in my direction and hope I am offended. It takes much more than it used to to affect me.

    3. Brightsky, you're never an inconvenience to me. If I was wrong in my suspicions of your motives then I apologize.

      Fell is new to being a Proxy, new to killing. In this regard, I feel her enthusiasm is forgivable. I can't see any harm in it at any rate so long as it doesn't affect her ability to carry out her duties. I suspect she will tone it down as she becomes more experienced.

      As for her cursing in your direction, it seems to me that was a reaction (brash though it may have been) to you calling her pathetic and comparing her to a child. It was not unprovoked as you make it sound.

      I am glad however, that you were not harmed by it.

      So, aside from this minor disagreement, how are you doing these days dear?

  8. Bitch, I don't give a fuck if you're scared of me or not or what you think of me.

    1. So we are agreed. I will be happy when your "Tailor" disposes of you.