Saturday, May 19, 2012

Didn't go as planned

I suppose I should just go ahead and tell you all what happened…

Cat had trusted me with her and Diaemus’ plans- where they were going and when- in case anything happened. I had researched their route, brought up pictures of every stop point and memorized them so I could get there as quickly as possible if anything went wrong…

As soon as we saw the comment from that bastard, Fell and I took up our weapons and departed. No time to worry about being inconspicuous. According to the emergency drill, Sammi and Diesel were waiting for us when we appeared in Antithesis. They took hold of me and held on as the apartment shifted to the platform of the train station.  We saw them… Diaemus and Tony locked in a vicious fight… Cat screaming and Leo guarding her. We went to run to their aide but Tony had brought friends… his fellow servants of the Rake who were advancing on Cat and Leo but who turned on us and attacked as soon as they realized we were there…

I heard Sammi’s gun being fired and saw one of the dogs fall

Claws of one of the rakists sliced the air in front of me as I dodged. Despite the fact that he looked ragged, homeless and beaten down, this man was swift and agile in his attack

All those fuckers were fast! Ugly and rank too. They smelled like a 5 month old bucket of ball sweat with a side of dirty asshole! 

Heh… thank you for that description Fell  

I finally managed to catch his left arm as he tried to bring his claws down on me again. I stabbed him in the armpit, then forced his arm down and slashed his neck. He hit the ground and I turned to see Fell burying her tomahawk into the back of a man’s head

Haha! I got in low and hooked behind his leg with the spike end of my axe, spun him around and chopped him

Unfortunately, one of the other dogs had seized the opportunity to attack her back and had made some ugly wounds by the time I had turned and thrown my knife, which caught him in the side. I ran forward, pulling another knife from my coat which I plunged into him.

I could hear the train approaching. 

As far as I could tell Diesel, the moose, was living up to his nickname. He had brought a baseball bat with him… I swear I could hear the crack of that thing over all the commotion. Two rakists were on the ground near him while another was dodging his swings and trying to slash at him. Sammi, on the other hand, was on her back with one of dogs on top of her. One of her arms was pinned, that hand still clinging to the gun, while the other hand was trying to prevent him from slashing at her. Fell went to help her while I pulled my knives free and moved to back Diesel up.

Fortunately, this guy was too focused on Diesel to notice me. I dropped down, avoiding Diesel’s wild swinging and hamstrung the dog.  As the dog started to fall, Diesel’s bat made contact with his head, sending him to the ground even faster.

While the Wolf was helping Diesel, I helped Sammi- not to be confused with the sister I used to have though this Sammi is also my sister but in a different family. Anyway, she was getting clawed to shit so I hit the guy in the side with my axe and knocked him on his ass! New sister Sammi rolled and popped up on her knees and shot him a whole bunch.
With the dogs put to sleep we went to help Diaemus… But we were too late… The train came roaring through… Diaemus and Tony were on the tracks

Cat was hysterical. The wall that she had backed up against looked like it was the only thing keeping her from falling faint. Leo was occupied with a now dead dog

Along with the others, I tried my best to comfort her and to get her to at least calm down enough so that I could more easily transport her home. Eventually I was able to bring everyone back to Antithesis…

I popped back to the cabin so I could grab a few things before returning to Antithesis as myself and Fell will be staying here to try to help support and take care of Cat.

Since she returned, Cat has gone silent. We put her to bed a little while ago...

We have all been trying to patch each other up as needed… Sammi seems to be in shock too, not just over Diaemus’ death but over, what I believe were her first kills today…

Diesel is clearly being eaten up inside, but he’s trying to hold it in

I don’t know where Leo went. He was gone by the time I got back from the cabin

Fell doesn’t have the same attachment we do as she didn’t really know Ryan, so she’s just been swearing over her wounds and butting in on writing this

Like Diesel, I have been trying to hold it in… Other than that I’ve been trying not to pass out… Teleporting several times, and with people in tow really took it out of me… It was a while before my nose stopped bleeding… Feels like the room is spinning  

I really need to get away from the laptop, but before I do, I have something else to say

Ryan…  You were my little brother and a trusted friend… You were… better than most of us in this family and from where I stand, you were a good husband and father who gave his life to protect that of his wife and child… May you rest in peace Diaemus. 

I will do my best to help protect Cat and Devin  

I wish I could have helped you


  1. The best one of you fucked up lot is dead, trying to defend his family.

    Someone failed.

    Tony needs to die.

    1. I know.

      All I can do now is to try my best to help Cat.

      Tony is dead.

  2. Oh well look at the fucking armchair hero waving her dainty lady e-peen around the blogs

    "Someone failed"

    Everybody sit down and shut up while Amy tells us how much we suck because god knows she would have been able to save Ryan with one hand tied behind her back and the Rake up her ass

    1. Fell, you're still just a broken little toy that has a tiny survival rate. Shut the fuck up. But for the record? The Rake wouldn't have been up my ass, nor would I have gotten my ass IN that situation. You're a weak link, pet. Stop being aggressive about a woman you've never met, nor know a thing about.

  3. Oh no, YOU wouldn't have been in the situation because you'd rather hide away and pretend to be an expert.

    At least I did something useful by helping to kill those cocksuckers before they could hurt Lucia

    So fuck you

    1. "Hide away?" What definition do you use for this? I fight for what I believe is right near constantly. I do not believe I'm an expert, I speak from experience. You lie out of ignorance, so I do believe you sound like a dimwit. Kindly stop talking now.

      If Lucia had called out for my help, I would have helped. I did not realize how bad the situation had become or I would have helped. In a heartbeat.

      So fuck you very much as well.

  4. Fell I understand what you're trying to do but this isn't helping.

    You are not to make any further comments on this post.

    Amy, I am sorry that I could not save him

    1. I don't blame anyone specifically, Wolfie. I'm sorry if that was what I implied.

      Take care of the people that are left. Please?

    2. I have been and I will continue to do so