Wednesday, May 9, 2012


For those of you who pay attention to the comments, you may have noticed that sweet Penelope has managed to get her hands on Sunshine

Penelope and I had a bit of a conversation on Monday evening, during which time she bragged about her failure as a torturer, since she described some of what she was doing or would do but then admitted that he wasn’t reacting to the pain

I responded the only way I could. I mocked the Hell out of her

I knew asking for mercy for him would be incredibly hypocritical and ultimately fruitless. She won’t stop… not while her hurt remains… Or her jealousy burns so bright…And as far as I know, I have nothing to bargain with… Nothing she might want, at least not enough to release him

She told me that Sunshine has been asking about me over and over and she wanted to know why since he doesn’t care about anyone
Despite some of the things he said to me, I didn’t know he actually cared about me. I just figured that I was nothing more than a curiosity to him and the sweet talk, as much as I enjoyed it, was just that…
As for why Sunshine cares about me… I think I might know… but I’m keeping it to myself for now

I guess I might as well finally come out and say it here… I care very much about Sunshine too…. Not like you couldn’t tell eh?

Heh… I wanted him to outlive me… I really had hoped he would.

I still want that

But Ritter has let me know in no uncertain terms that if I get out of line again, if I challenge his will, He will violate my mind and leave me here, unable to die, unable to leave sealed away forever.

So if I do nothing, Sunshine will die if he isn’t dead already. If I do something, if I try to save him, Sunshine will most likely still end up the same but I will have been made Ritter’s broken, undying prisoner for my trouble… but I would have tried…


  1. Ohh, Wolf......I know this is hard on you, to just sit back and watch-- and I'm so sorry that you're in this dilemma. At least you know now....that he did care, all along.

    1. Thanks for the support as always Cat.