Thursday, January 5, 2012


I remember what I’m supposed to do… It came to me while I was asleep.

Ritter told me, back when he took me; when I knew most keenly what it was to lose myself.

It was among the other compulsions and intents he filled my mind with.

I also know why he’s been keeping me here like this….

My dear employer was giving me time to remember it on my own; to let my mind heal itself

How sweet

But of course, that isn’t the only reason… Oh Hell no
This was a threat to ensure that I would do as ordered. He could just keep me here like this forever if he wanted to… He could also make things much worse. .

I… I don’t know if I can do it

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone soft. If he wanted me to kill someone, wonderful. Torture in and of itself would be just dandy too, be it for information or for its own sake.  

But this…

I know there are others who do this kind of thing… and I don’t judge them for it, for various reasons but this new task carries bitter memories for me

I think Ritter knows that… Probably why he wants me to do it

I need to think about this


  1. What exactly does he want you to do?

  2. Memories can be our worst enemies, huh?

    I hope, whatever it is, that you can get out of there and back soon, free and with minimal regrets. Though saying it might be iinsignifican in the grand scale of things-- I'm pulling for you, Wolf.

  3. Indeed they can, Lucia and thank you.

    Brightsky, he wants me to break someone... To mold them to his benefit... Just as those who hurt me tried to mold me to theirs

  4. Break.. who?

    And why is this more difficult for you?

  5. Sorry, but I'm not telling who just yet

    As for the difficulty, it just feels personal to me... Feels like becoming those I hated somehow...

  6. We either die a hero, or live long enough to see ourselves become the villain..

    I personally choose the second option. More good than bad's done, that way.

  7. Heh I enjoyed that movie

    Hmm and a good point too

  8. It's my favorite.

    Thank you. Please let me know you're okay. I'm worried about you..

  9. Don't worry about me Brightsky. I'm okay just playing the waiting game again