Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Got my knife back

Saint decided to return the knife he had taken from me by stabbing me in the shoulder today during one of his particularly heated lectures.

“You are weak because you doubt Him!” He snarled, digging the blade in deeper with one hand as he held me by the throat up against the wall with the other
“Perhaps you are not worthy to serve Father after all. Perhaps you are just like those who inspired your revenge, or worse.” He let go of my knife and brought out one of his own and sank it into my side.
“You’re nothing but a cowering dog, or maybe a scared little girl playing wolf” A final knife was produced and plunged into my middle. He let me go; the blades still embedded in my flesh
“NO!” I snarled back. Summoning all my strength, I grasped the handle of the knife in my shoulder and pulled it out, catching myself before I crumpled to my knees.
“I am none of those things. They were stupid and afraid. I am not. I am a better monster… Stronger than they ever knew… I am stronger than you know, Angel. I have given Ritter everything I’ve got in the past and I will continue to do so.”
I pulled out the second knife, this time unable to stop the fall.
“I have no doubts anymore” I pulled out the third, then fell unconscious.

I woke up to the sound of his voice. I was in my bed and Saint was standing by the side, offering praises to Ritter like a quiet, constant prayer. I remained silent and listened. My silence was not forced this time, but was born of respect.