Saturday, January 14, 2012


I walked down the dead end path today. Ritter told me to do it. I had to use a fallen branch for support. As I walked, I started to think of another path; of my woods, the area I knew so well.  It seemed so clear in my mind. This wasn’t the first time I had thought of my woods while pacing the path, but this time I felt a tremor in the ground that grew stronger with every step. I fell to my knees as the trees that blocked the path shifted and made way for me to pass through. Once the tremors stopped I got up and continued, finally stepping onto the path that was in my mind. I was back in my woods; back on the Island. The ground was covered with snow as opposed to the bare dead grass of the place I had previously been. I turned around, but saw no trace of the unnatural place that had been my home for the past few weeks. I felt a warm liquid running down over my lips and realized that my nose was bleeding. I stopped it as best I could with my sleeve and made my way out of the woods.

Somehow, I managed to drag myself to a store without collapsing. I must have looked horrible because the cashier asked me if I needed help or if she wanted me to call someone. I thanked her and said no, then bought a loaf of bread which, once outside, I proceeded to snack on as I walked. I did not allow myself to eat all I wanted, as I feared that would just make me sick, so I put what was left back into the bag and went about getting more food and other supplies. I then felt the compulsion to return to the cabin. I wasn’t exactly eager but I knew that ignoring it would do no good. Even if I wanted to, I’m not in any condition to run and I have no place else to go so I attempted to return the same way I left; by focusing on my destination. It worked.  The tremors returned and the landscape changed around me. I was on the dead end path again. I came back to the cabin, stopped my returning nosebleed, and put away my supplies. Since then, I have been alternating between sleep, catching up with a few of you and allowing myself to have small portions of bread. I need to pace myself.

I also need to regain my strength. I’m hoping Ri

There’s someone outside

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