Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Identity Interlude 4


I love tattoos. Mine are of great importance to me. First and foremost I view them as a rite of passage… something to mark transitions or accomplishments. To a lesser extent they are a way to claim myself, to change in a way that I choose as opposed to being changed to suit someone else

I admire many types of body modification, be it piercing, tattoos, branding or scarification, though it always bothers me when some people do these things without thinking about them. For example, if someone just wanders in and picks a tattoo design from a book. I know not everyone thinks of body modification the same way, but it still bothers me, for some reason

On, the topic of different forms of body modification, I once saw pictures of people who had their lips sewn shut as a form of meditation. I can’t put it into words just how beautiful I thought that was. The artist who did it for them was Russ Foxx… In my more positive hours, when I can lie to myself that everything might be okay, I keep thinking that one day I’ll make the trip to visit him and get some scarification done to mark getting through this.

I could scar myself, as many do, but I don’t trust myself to make a good even design that will heal the way I want it to… The only scars I’ve given myself are cuts that weren’t done for art or accomplishment, but for the sake of causing pain on the outside to make the pain on the inside easier to deal with… I haven’t done that in a while though

Anyway, I think I’ll end here before completely derailing this into such depressing topics

Knit Wolf, these things may seem meaningless to everyone else, but they are important to you. Look to your own flesh to remember   


  1. You and I, it would seem, have more in common than I thought. My avatar is specifically of my favorite tattoo. God and Death are tattooed on my body, right over my spine in my favorite color. The spine being, of course, what protects your spinal cord from injury. Come to think of it, you're the only one I've told this to. Congratulations on being the only one that knows its meaning in the Slendyverse.

  2. I noticed your avatar. I am honoured to know the meaning of your tattoo. Thank you

  3. You're welcome, dear. It's a symbol in this universe of Fears, though few realize it when they see my picture. It's honestly more revealing than my face, which make claims that I'm hiding from everyone rather laughable.