Monday, August 1, 2011


Feeling better

Slendy actually let me have some restful sleep... and I had such beautiful dreams…In one of them, he was watching those who hurt me

In another, I was in a forest by a pond. It was warm and there were dragonflies all around me.  All I could hear was that rapid clicking sound that they make when they fly, but it was amplified and echoing. It was very soothing… 

I did manage to get out of the house this weekend too… went for a few walks and went to a costume dance at an old theatre last night. It was fun, especially since I haven’t danced in years.

Today I feel so energetic. The dancing and the sleep made a world of difference. My mind felt at ease and I eagerly went back to work on my knitting when I woke up.  

While I’m feeling better, it seems that OPOF is not doing so well… Judging from the song in his last post I wonder if he’s after a certain sweet someone again and, if so, I wonder if he’s doing it of his own volition…

If not, then I fear that his sanity has simply fled…

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it...

I do hope he’s alright though… he’s become important to me in this little venture of mine and I enjoy talking to him regardless


  1. It's amazing how easy it is to ignore the darker components of a person.

  2. One Pound of Flesh. Proxies in general. You. We often ignore the darker components of a person in favor of the lighter ones, especially if they're in someone we care about. It's an exercise in juxtaposition simply to view a person as one. Their actions are often viewed as separate from the self, as though they were not connected.

  3. Hmm I guess that’s true for some… Just ask Penelope hehe

    As for OPOF, I never ignored his dark side. I rather like that part of him and I accept it as such. He is my catalyst, after all.

    You count him among the Proxies?
    I suppose he might be now… it’s hard to tell.

  4. Catalyst, indeed. I don't know what he is, actually. I found him because of research on you, and haven't had the time to read the full thing. I apologize for that, by the way.

  5. No need for apologies dear. I’m still in the process of reading through yours.