Monday, August 15, 2011

Death, chaos and a lovely view

As I’ve said before, I don’t know if I’ll be around for much longer… Slendy has agreed to my plan but he could kill me at any time and there is the possibility (unlikely but still there) that I could fail at my revenge…  Also, Morningstar could apparently kill us all tomorrow if he does what he's been told. That would be interesting if it happened. Heh… perhaps I should get some confetti just in case

Anyway… it’s with all that in mind that I’ve been going to certain places that I wanted to see again and trying a few new things too.

For example, I had to see this view again

It was fairly warm that day, so the breeze was quite nice. There also weren't too many people around at the time, and Slendy was nowhere in sight, so I enjoyed the few quiet moments I had there before making my way back down

I also had the pleasure of eating seal meat for the first time. It was meat from a flipper put into a pot pie and I must say it was delicious and very tender. The flavor is like a blend of beef and seafood. I highly recommend trying it if you get the opportunity. The funny thing is that there are a few people who would think that eating seal is more monstrous than anything else I have done or will do hehehe

Ah well... I just figured I'd make this post to let anyone interested know what I've been up to, aside from the obvious.

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