Friday, August 12, 2011

Been reading

about old torture devices because I like to keep my mind occupied while I knit.
It got me thinking about a few things, which I figured I’d share here.

Have you ever really looked at some of them, like the iron maiden, the brazen bull, the pear of anguish or crocodile shears?  

Some incarnations of these are fairly plain, but others are lavishly decorated and beautiful. You can tell that a great amount of time and skill went into making these instruments of pain and death as aesthetically pleasing as possible… Agony and ugliness made beautiful. An embrace of the monstrous

During the time of their use, those who commissioned the construction of these devices or who condemned people to suffer their effects were respected, moral, individuals within society. My question is what does that say about the average “good” person if they’re willing to accept, respect and in some cases enjoy the aesthetic or spectacle of such a thing?

You may be wondering why I ask that question in the present tense, as people and the world have changed and such horrifying implements are no longer used…

Well, I don’t believe people really have changed that much, it’s just that instead of joining the crowd at the arena or at the local gallows, people turn on the news or go online. How many “good” “normal” people do you think watched the video of that reporter being beheaded a while back?  Lots did and I bet some even jerked off to it.

Anyway… OPOF already made this point with his game… I bet even if there wasn’t the justification of punishing a pedophile, some “good” person would probably still have come up with suggestions.

It just really struck me tonight upon reading about the work of the morally superior and their efforts to make torture palatable. 


  1. People like to try to beautify and justify their darker sides. It's so commonplace to do so, it's rather silly to even think about. The kindest person you know can be the serial killer from down the block. :)

  2. The neighbors always say that the killer was “such a nice person”

  3. So well behaved, with such good manners. THEY committed that crime? Oh no, you must have the wrong person.

  4. It is quite funny isn't it?
    But this is sort of getting away from what I was talking about in the post... I was referring to those who blatantly conducted these acts and were still accepted by society or those who actually think of themselves as good people but do these things in private

  5. Oh, you mean like the church? Hell, even the state does it. "Soldiers killed in war? They're heroic." "Victims in this massacre, now that's tragic." What's the difference? It's all just pain and death, no matter how you spin in. And if you enjoy it, all the more power to you if you get away with it in broad daylight.

  6. The thing about these tools is that they come from a different era. It's not the pride of the torturer in a job well done that caused them to be crafted so lovingly but that craftsmen of the time took pride in their work. This is not so much the case now as people purchase cheap crap that is mass produced (ie has no inherent beauty or value). This doesn't stop people from modifying tools that they purchase, but most people don't have the skill or inclination to do anything like that. It's just convenient to use a tool and throw it away when it breaks because it's made to break.... throw away economy, you know?

    In the same breath, everyone of the era when such things were made was more inclined to take pride in their work. So craftsmen would make these magnificent tools and well to do torturers would buy them because they cared about their job.

    Now Inquisitor may not have fancy tools like some of the old time ones you mention, but he takes pride in his work. He has everything very carefully laid out on a table before he begins, like a surgeon or artist, and he takes care of everything as if it's made out of porcelain. He inspects them for rust and sharpens his knives as a form of meditation. Or maybe he just zones out. Hard to tell sometimes.

    But my point is, people who take pride in their work and themselves take pride in their tools as a reflection of their self-esteem, work ethic, and pride. Glorified tools aren't really a reflection of pleasure in the job, though I'm sure people felt it, it's more satisfaction at the orchestration of a successful session.

  7. So you don't view it as a statement of morals at all but one of pure craftsmanship and work ethic? Ooh that is a good point... Certainly gives me something to think about

    I also mentioned that there are those who think of themselves as morally superior individuals who would watch executions and be entertained, yet they would look down at people like you or me as being monsters. What do you think of them?

  8. No, not morals, if anything it's an expression of the opposite of morals...whatchacallit... hubris. The way Inquisitor handles his tools, you'd think they were kittens. When he's working, that's about the only time I see him smile. So I know he does take pleasure in it, but if anything he becomes more methodical as he tortures someone. He knows exactly what tools to use and when, and he never rushes. It's not about causing pain; it's about getting a specific response from the same action every time. He's very scientific about it, and I think if someone asked if he enjoyed his work, he'd probably give them the ten yard stare and ask if they enjoyed breathing. Same thing to him.

    It's the hallmark of the self-righteous to take pleasure in the pain of those who they see as inferior. Doesn't make it right. I really don't like hurting people, but it's a means to an end. If I don't do my job, I'm really doing anyone I work on a disservice and actually prolonging their suffering. Lots of people who watch the suffering of others with pleasure are simply glad it's not them. The rest have very high opinions of themselves. I have felt satisfaction when I helped Inquisitor break someone and felt my work contributed to the destruction of the Chosen's ego, but I don't think I could ever claim to have felt pleasure.

  9. Interesting... interesting... I must admit that we differ on the subject of hurting people... You've probably already gathered this, but I take a certain amount of enjoyment from it. It's not out of a feeling of superiority or pride however. I hope that doesn't put you off from talking to me though. I have no intention of harming you.

  10. Not at all. You have reason. Sometimes the rage gets the better of all of us. Father is after all quite angry still over what happened so long ago, and his glee gets the better of him when he's able to punish our enemies, especially when they are also his enemies.

    But there are many who take pleasure in inflicting pain... our brother Graves who Saint is going to meet, Andromeda, our treacherous brother Morningstar... and many, many others. We are born into a world that hates us, surrounded by enemies who don't know why they hurt us but enjoy doing it- bullied by our families and peers, reborn Igigi who keep us subjugated and broken. Father liberates us and adopts us and gives us a little bit of himself in doing so.

  11. I must say, I don't know if I believe that Slendy is a god... I have been an atheist for years... I certainly believe that he is way better than the bastard of the bible they tried to make me worship though. I don't think it's in me to worship anything, however, I have grown rather attached to him. He and OPOF helped to keep me alive

    As for liberation... well even if he made me his slave I would feel free in comparison to my previous situation with those that hurt me, so I do agree that he has liberated me.

    Sorry if I'm rambling... I'm still sorting things out in my own mind. I'm really glad that you're not put off.

  12. Meh, rambles are good for clearing the cobwebs and seeing what thoughts you want to keep. And it takes a lot to put me off. I'm an assistant torturer, remember? ;)

    God is only a word, and it's all propaganda. At it's most basic, it's just a title for a being of power. There were no gods until the Igigi set themselves up as such. There was no worship until the Igigi demanded it. God is synonymous with slave master, another reason to use the word Father, and the Anunnaki were caretakers and teachers before we were forced to become warriors.

  13. Hehe I know... I only mentioned it because our motives seemed so different; yours to help, mine to harm

    So you see him as a leading figure, perhaps a higher power, but not a "god"... not something that craves worship?

  14. Everyone has their purpose. You're meant to be a weapon it seems, like Saint. I think you would like him.

    As for Father "craving" worship, it depends. Most everyone he takes in is a reborn Anunnaki. There are hundreds of us and hundreds more still missing. Even if he did not reinforce our kinship by sharing a bit of his soul with us, we would still be family.

    However, he is more likely to kill Igigi when he finds them if he doesn't recognize them as former friends who stood with us against Marduk and Ea. If a former enemy is weak in this life though, and he can force them to serve him without them knowing they had been his enemies, he does treat them a bit differently... demanding more respect from them and testing them all the harder before he formally recognizes them as his children. I wouldn't exactly call it worship, but I've seen how he makes them show their devotion to his cause with murder of loved ones and deprivations. He demands things from them that he never would from his other children, and they are often kept separate from us. Many of us are solitary by nature, but the ones he forces to be loyal, hollowed and overwritten like a bad program, they're... well, you wouldn't want to be around them anyway. They have their uses while they stay, but almost all of them end up turning on us eventually. It's just in their nature.

    And the few humans he takes in, the younger souls who didn't exist at the first battle, a lot of them have been brainwashed by the Igigi to offer worship regardless of whether Father demands it. If it makes them happy, then I guess there's no reason to stop them.

  15. A weapon eh? Hmm...

    I've spoken to Saint... On first impression he seems a lot more serious and formal about things than I am, but he also seems quite courteous. I hope to talk to him again after his visit with Gallows and Graves.