Monday, February 20, 2012

Sketch for Ryan

Well, I had a stitch ‘n bitch with Cat yesterday, so it seems right that I had an art session with Ryan today. I didn’t think to pack my sketchbook or pencils but replacements were easy enough to acquire. The weather was decent so we decided to set up outside. Myself and Ryan went about our sketches while Cat seemed content to watch Ryan draw.      

We talked as we drew. I was glad to learn that I hadn’t spoiled the weekend with my lapse in manners yesterday.

Ryan drew a wolf for me, which was awesome  
I, on the other hand, drew this vampire bat for him

Once we were finished our drawings- again, thanks Ryan- we headed back inside

It wasn’t long after that Cat pulled me aside. She wanted to give me a gift; her switchblade. She said it was just a painful memory to her and she figured I could make good use of it. I was surprised that she wanted to give it to me as opposed to just throwing it out but she said that she felt it would be a waste of a good knife to do that.

I smiled at this and thanked her, then apologized again for yesterday. She returned the smile said it was okay, that I hadn’t offended them and that she understood what I was trying to say.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I made several sweet potato quiches last night. Half were eaten, the rest were dinner tonight.
Other than that, I spent a good amount of time just cuddling Dairam while joking around with everyone. I’m going to miss this when I go

I’m leaving Antithesis tomorrow. I wish I could stay longer. I only got here on Friday and this place already feels like home. But I have a job to do that can’t wait any longer.