Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are you all as sick of the mopey introspective shit as I am?

Well good news, I’m done. No more of that, thanks.  Dead and buried.
My dear Brother managed to beat some sense into me while he was here, so now I’m ready for some fun again

I feel so fucking GOOD right now, I can’t even tell you

Can’t go after my target yet though.  Nope nope nope

Need more time to heal which I learned the hard way earlier hehehehe

Been practicing with this teleportation thing and I’m getting better at it… still gives me a nosebleed though

Anyway, anyway I was practicing, enjoying the return of my freedom when it crept into my head to experiment a little further. Ritter seemed pleased with the idea, so I hid my knife in my coat and bamfed myself onto my favorite path- and by the way, it’s really interesting to go from no snow to up to my knees in it.

Back to my story, I stopped my bleeding nose and wandered out of the woods, and into town. From there, I wandered through the backstreets and alleyways looking for an opportunity, which I found after a while. She was stumbling through an alley in such a way that suggested she was either stoned or drunk. I followed as quickly and as quietly as I could. Catching up to her, I clamped my left hand over her mouth and locked my right arm around her in a tight hold. The alley changed to the dead end path as I brought us back. I let her go. She fell forward on to the ground, then rolled onto her back, wincing. I took the opportunity and got on top of her, pinning her to the ground. She was a blonde, wasted thing that stank of vomit but despite her condition, she still fought with all she had; screaming and hitting me, trying to get me off of her. Her efforts increased as I drew my knife. She grabbed my arms in an attempt to stop me but she was too weak. Oh the look in her eyes as the blade sank into her chest. I soon felt her grip loosen, then fall away.          

When she was dead, I got up to go about disposing of the body. It was then that I realized that some of my wounds had reopened. Heh… had she not been so wasted, she might have been able to turn the situation against me. I have since patched myself up and gotten rid of her.

So I learned that it’s definitely going to be a few weeks before I go after my target. Ritter doesn’t seem to mind. He knows I’ll happily do it for him now.

Ah well better for me to find out this way, right?
Besides, it had been so long since I shed some blood that wasn’t my own. Need to keep that wolf fed hehe

As I said before, I’m still ready for some FUN so any of you wanna talk or would like a visit in the next couple of weeks just let me know. Hey Dia! You still interested? hahaha.  


  1. Hey, KnitWolf. May I draw you a picture?
    If yes, tell me what to draw and I'll get started on it. :)

    1. Oh wow... really? Thank you!

      I don't think I've seen you draw an animal before... How about a wolf?

      If you don't like drawing animals then I would also be happy with a drawing of Little Red Riding Hood

      Thank you again... Is there anything I can do for you in return? Maybe draw something for you too? Though, I'm not nearly as good as you are... Hmm just let me know

  2. Sure! I'll draw a wolf for ya. Coming right up! :D that alright if you can draw me a butterfly? For my birthday? It happens on April 11. I'm going to be fourteen! :D But I don't want to grow up, though. :/

    By the way, still doing that teleportation? Is it hard?

    1. I would be happy to draw a butterfly for you
      And a very early happy birthday to you hehe

      As for the teleportation, I've been forcing myself to take it easy since Sunday as I really do need to give myself more time to heal. The nosebleeds tell me that it is obviously putting some kind of strain on my body and I also feel fatigued, though that might be due to the wounds.

      My experience of teleporting is that it takes focus and a bit of getting used to. It's not hard per se but it's something I need to practice in order to be more efficient at it and so that I don't fall over when I do it

  3. Thank you! :D

    Hmm...sounds interesting. I'm not sure if you can also do that in The Path Of Black Leaves.

    KnitWolf, is there a way you can give me the drawing of the butterfly when you're done?

    1. I may be able to...
      Send me an email at and we'll discuss it further there