Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well I figured I’d do some writing now that everyone’s either turning in or heading out for the night.  

I arrived at The Point Park here in Pittsburgh earlier today.
Nice looking park

I had studied pictures of the place in preparation for the trip so by the time I had packed my stuff (clothes, knitting supplies, cooking supplies, my laptop, my mask and one of my knives) and was ready to go it was easy enough to focus on- to imagine my little clearing in the woods shifting into that area, with is straight lines of winter-dead trees and the neat little trails now covered with snow and then to see and feel it happen.

Thankfully, I remembered to bring some tissues along to take care of the inevitable nosebleed.

It was not long after that Ryan appeared. He was hard to miss considering his size.

He seemed a little on the quiet side but friendly enough as we said our hellos, then made our way to Antithesis

Once inside the apartment, I was struck immediately by the warmth. The many lit candles gave it such a cozy feeling. After being so cold for so long in that cabin, this felt wonderful. Equaling the warmth of the place was the welcome I received. It was good to meet Cat face to face. I was happy to see that she was doing so well though I was caught off guard when she gave me a hug to go with the greeting. She showed me to the kitchen so I could put the ingredients I had brought away, then brought me around the rest of the place and made introductions.

It was nice to meet more of the family and friends though I felt a bit awkward at first. It’s been ages since I’ve had a friendly face to face conversation with someone without bloodshed being involved, let alone a whole group of people. Thankfully, the awkwardness wore off after a while and I offered to make that parmesan crusted chicken with sautéed spinach like I promised.

Cat and Ryan accompanied me out to the kitchen and watched as I began to prepare the meal. It’s an easy and flavorful dish to make, but it’s still fairly healthy and I figured Cat could use all the healthy meals she can get right now. She watched and helped, trying to learn the recipe. Ryan watched too, but I think it may have been suspicion rather than the cooking lesson that kept his interest. Can’t say I blame him

Before long, the others trailed into the kitchen, and the conversation started to pick up again. It kept going until the dinner was done. The meal seemed to go over well with everyone which I was pleased to see.

The rest of the evening was spent in idle, drowsy conversation, accompanied by the odd video game or movie.

That’s about all I have to tell right now… As I said, everyone’s turning in or heading out so I think it’s time to get some sleep, myself

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