Sunday, December 11, 2011

Been spending some time outside

going back and forth between pacing around and just sitting quietly and observing.

Unsurprisingly, nothing has changed. I still can’t get through the trees and Ritter, for all his singing and watching, hasn’t given me any instruction or answers. I did, however, notice that along with the unnaturally close tree growth, there seems to be a lack of wildlife. I haven’t seen or heard any animals, not even a fly on the wall, a bird in the sky or a call in the distance. It’s very cold here but it hasn’t snowed or rained even though the sky seems a constant grey. It’s like this place is frozen… come to think of it, I’m not even sure if I’ve seen night time here… At first I just assumed I was sleeping through it and missing it or that time/my perception was still being messed with but now I’m not sure…I’ve sort of come to terms with the possibility of being in an area of Ritter’s design, but this just makes me wonder about it more. Am I still technically somewhere in the world as most know it? In some part of his realm? Or has he tucked me away somewhere else entirely?

I don’t expect you to have any answers. This is just me getting some thoughts out. Helps me stay relatively sane, you know?

To that end I’ve also been forcing myself to try to learn how to properly throw a knife and to practice my fighting techniques as best I can. It keeps my mind occupied and I figure that it can’t hurt to be prepared for whatever Ritter may require of me. I’m still operating on the hope that this is a test and that I haven’t been abandoned

I try to keep reasoning it out, thinking that if he wanted to ditch me or wanted me dead, I would be rotting on the floor of that one guy’s house right now but I don’t know… Maybe this is all a game or experiment to him to see how long it’ll take for me to break. Heh… maybe he wants to see how many ways I can die… hahaha if that’s the case I have a few suggestions. Hey Ritter, you’ve already given me the experience of a combination of burning, freezing and constriction, and I’ve also been stabbed, so perhaps I could be beaten to death next? I've taken plenty of beatings before, but never to that point. Or maybe you intend for me to starve? OH! I’ve got it! Death by a Fear-created uber moose! Might as well be creative and that would be hilarious too. 

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