Monday, November 28, 2011



I finally forced myself to go outside and try to figure out where I am


Maybe I should start differently

The place I found myself in, and have since been staying, is a cabin in a clearing in the woods.   

It’s fairly large for a cabin… In a different setting, I might refer to it as a small house with two bedrooms in addition to the main room and bathroom. 

Remember how I mentioned finding my OPOF doll? Upon forcing myself to fight against the drowsy comfort in Ritter’s song and actually search the place, I’ve discovered that most of my things are here, as if I moved in myself. Also, I found what I’m sure is the knife that man stabbed me with… Don’t know why that’s here anymore than I know why anything else is…

As I said, I finally forced myself to go outside. I could tell I was in a clearing in the woods from looking out the windows, but what I couldn’t fully appreciate was how tightly the trees closed in around it. I’ve said before I’m not very big and I’m even less so now, but I couldn’t squeeze through them as they had grown in so impossibly close together. In one area, it looked like there was an opening, a narrow path leading through the woods, but this only led to a dead end of more trees…

At this point, I really don’t know what to do. I still don’t know where I am or why I’m here.  
I don’t know why Ritter continues to keep watching; to keep singing to me. I feel him around me now more than I ever used to before he took me.

I also don’t know how I’m able to tell you any of this, in that I don’t know how this cabin has working electricity and internet access when there is no generator or power lines or anything that I can see, or whether that’s even worth wondering about considering everything else.     


  1. A man managed to post a blog from the center of a near literal dreamscape once... and numerous people have managed to make posts from within complicated timeloop prisons... I wouldn't call this all that unusual by comparison. Still, the being trapped part is troubling... given the impossible nature of your surroundings, you may not be where you think you are.

    Try to keep your wits about you.
    Good Luck.

  2. I have been away. I will catch up with your other posts later. Keep the knife with you. This may be a trial of some kind. Regardless, you can survive this Sister. Do not be afraid.

  3. Don’t worry about me, Sir Robin. I’m okay… just fatigued from trying to take this in on top of the mental and physical strains of my little adventure with Ritter

    Gargoyle- I don’t like thinking about it… but I suppose it is possible that I’m in some Ritter-constructed area or other realm. Wouldn’t be much of a stretch considering what I just went through…
    That might also explain why I feel Ritter’s presence more than I have before… Of course, he could just happen to be observing me more closely right now.

    Saint- I will indeed keep the knife with me. I hope you’re right about this being a trial as that would hopefully mean a chance to prove myself, and to regain my freedom

    Thank you all