Saturday, July 2, 2011

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl who did what she was told because she was afraid to do anything else.

One fine day she was sent on an errand that took her through the woods. Obedient as ever, she stayed on the path she was told to take and hurried on her way.

As soon as she had entered the woods she was spotted by a wolf who ran to meet her where the paths crossed.

The wolf introduced itself quite politely and asked where she was off to in such a hurry. In voice that was as small and frightened as she was, she told the wolf of her errand. “Which path will you take my dear?” asked the wolf “The path of needles or the path of pins?” “The path of pins” she responded and continued on her way. The wolf waited until she was out of sight, then ran down the path of needles.

The wolf, being much faster than the little girl, made it to the destination first and took bloody measures to ensure that no one else would be around to greet her when she arrived.

Eventually, the little girl made her way there, called out a greeting in a timid voice and gingerly knocked on the door. “Come in, my dear” the wolf responded. The girl hesitated, surprised by the voice that bade her enter. “Be a good girl and come in” the wolf called out.

Knowing something was wrong but afraid to disobey; she opened the door and entered. Upon her eyes adjusting to the dim light, she nearly fell faint at the sight that greeted her. The floor was strewn with blood and viscera, the smell of which assaulted her dainty nose. Standing in the middle of this was the wolf, blood dripping from its muzzle. The little girl was paralyzed with fear, unable to even scream as the wolf began to approach.

“What big eyes you have,” she finally managed to stammer

“All the better to see you with” the wolf replied

“What big ears you have,” she whimpered

“All the better to hear you with” the wolf replied, drawing nearer

“What big teeth you have,” she whispered, shaking badly

The wolf smiled wickedly

She died quietly in its jaws


  1. KnitWolf- That story was quite nice. When I was young I used to fantasize if you will, about peeling off my own skin. That story reminded me of that for some reason...

  2. Glad you liked the story, bittersweet.

    There is a great amount of self destruction within the lines of that story and between them. Perhaps that's what triggered the memory?

    Interesting fantasy though…
    When you imagined yourself peeling off your skin did you imagine someone or something else underneath, or just what you would expect to find under a person’s skin?

    Just curious

  3. KnitWolf- I was never worried about what I would find underneath my skin. I knew what was there. I just wanted to fill my skin with something different.

    Until Next Time.

  4. So finally, the reason for the blog name comes about. That had been bugging me for a while.

  5. Indeed, but the story is not over yet

  6. I saw that. I see the girl turning back in the future, choosing to walk through the woods rather than walk on pins and needles for the wolf.

    But, I may be wrong. :)

  7. Can’t tell you yet of course… Though you will soon see.

  8. I'll be waiting for the rest of the story. I'd love to see the wolf torn apart by the girl's hands, but again... just fan ideas. >_>

  9. Always hoping for that heroic ending eh?