Sunday, July 3, 2011

Identity Interlude 2

I love reading. Unfortunately, I don’t get the time to do that as much as I’d like, these days.

My favourite author is Clive Barker. He has an amazing ability to make the mundane, grotesque and the grotesque, glamorous. Cabal and The Hellbound Heart are my favorites

As you can probably tell from my last post, I love fairy tales, especially Little Red Riding Hood. I enjoy examining the differences in the various versions. It’s amazing what they can tell you about the culture that spawned them… or about the storyteller. I also enjoy Angela Carter’s take on them.

Aside from fairy tales, I like Greek and Roman mythology. I also enjoy reading Shakespeare, though I prefer to see it on stage or film. My favorite of his plays are Titus Andronicus and Merchant of Venice (I’m sure you can appreciate this one OPOF).

In terms of genre, I enjoy fantasy, horror and sci-fi

I have also always enjoyed ghost stories and some true crime stories… Heh… that seems funny when I think about it now

Knit Wolf, these things may seem meaningless to everyone else, but they are important to you. Remember and hold on to them


  1. So how worried should I be that I get along with Proxies so well?

  2. Don’t be. People on both sides of this are more alike than most want to admit. Not all Proxies are murderous psychopaths, not all runners/fighters are kind, caring good-hearts.

  3. I know that to be true, more than most people are comfortable with. The thing that people tend to forget is, well... most of the Proxies were once Runners. Or, would have been if they had the chance. They don't really change that much when they go over to the other side.