Saturday, July 9, 2011


As I said before, during the time when I was playing the part of a friend to Penelope,  the sleep deprivation continued. This is not to say that I never got any sleep at all, it was just that what little I got was not nearly enough and it was not restful; being filled with nightmares. At one point, I decided to draw a picture based on one of them.

I dreamed that one of my slender man dolls started to move on its own. It then started to walk towards me in this unearthly fashion. As it got closer, its arms and legs began to stretch out and it began to grow taller. By the time it reached me it was full sized and looking down at me with that eyeless stare. I couldn't move.

He was standing by my bed when I woke up... In the original post I mentioned sleep paralysis. This was true. I couldn't move even when I woke up and saw him there.
As I said in the original post, I don't know why I ended up drawing myself as a doll in that picture... It just felt right at the time.

I also posted this picture, which I did a long time ago. I just figured that if I was going to post one, I might as well post the other

This is a church in my hometown... The trees there always reminded me of gnarled hands, reaching upward.

Since then, I've had other nightmares as well... In one, I was trying to escape him but couldn't (still not sure if that one was a dream or not). In another, I dreamed I was walking through an old deserted looking house. In one room I found a bag laying in a pool of blood. Another room looked like it had been painted with a person’s insides. Upstairs, there was a third room in which there was a woman lying on a bed. You know the y shaped cut that they make when performing an autopsy? It looked like that had been done to her while she was alive. Suddenly, the corpse started talking to me, saying “he’s at the end of the hall.” I ventured out into the hall, only to see myself standing at the end, facing away, looking out a window. Slendy slowly appeared by my side as I continued to stare out the window.

There have been worse, but some are too personal to share, even for my own benefit here,  while others are only half remembered impressions.

I still have dreams similar to these when I get the chance to sleep now, but they don't feel like nightmares anymore


  1. Sleep paralysis is another symptom of the Rake. Also, it's odd, I've tried to draw trees like that in the past. I would up drawing Slendy's tentacles, Ichor, and Slendy and Ichor working together to lure someone in. I haven't drawn since, I really haven't wanted to see what else would show up.

  2. Is it now? Hmm

    Oh I might have gotten the trees down in that drawing but he is still there….

    Ichor, to me, is the blood of the gods. Is it also a name for one of those Fears you mentioned?

    I saw the drawings you did. I liked them.

    I know you don’t want to see the result, but I think you should draw again sometime. It might make for a good experiment…

  3. Yep. The Rake is generally thought to be the truth behind the Incubi tales.

    I see, at the very back in the church. First thing I noticed actually. That's the thing about perspective... the focus point's the first thing you look at.

    Yes, Ichor is the official name for the Fear, though it's often referred to as EST. They're... scary to say the least.

    If I were to draw, I'm not sure the results would be pretty. Besides, what happens if everytime I draw, I draw a nightmare? Do I keep drawing until the nightmares stop?

  4. EAT, my keyboard hates me. *****

  5. I know that’s true about perspective….
    However, you’re not the first to see this drawing, yet you’re one of the few to see him there… Most who have seen it don’t

    Doubt the nightmares would stop, but it might provide some insight into any outside influences on your mind, if you get my meaning

  6. Of course. One day soon, I may pick up my pencils again. I just wish I had some apparent talent at it, wanting to convey a certain emotion or picture from your mind and being unable to is frustrating as all hell.

  7. Oh believe me, I know that frustration well. Keep at it and you will improve. Though, as I said, I liked the drawings you posted