Saturday, June 25, 2011

After creating the initial two dolls

I started getting requests from people to make more. Since I now had a set pattern, I was able oblige swiftly. I did so innocently enough at first, but it wasn’t long before my nightmares told me the truth of what I was doing. Every doll that I made, every sweet little nightmare I created, marked the ones who received them. In my dreams I saw him stalking them.

I was spreading his plague.

Why didn’t I stop?

At first I was in denial. I tried to tell myself that they were just dreams and I was probably just creeped out by the stories I had read about him

Then he started appearing while I was awake and my denial turned to fear.

There was another reason why I continued to work with him, but I’ll come back to that later


  1. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt...

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I figured since you didn't mind my presence, I'd start giving my opinions. Feel free to tell me to shut the hell up.

  2. She’ll be here all week folks...

    Seriously though, go right ahead with your opinions… I certainly don’t mind the conversation…

  3. That's actually how I feel most of the time. Also how I seem to get myself in trouble, by talking so much with Proxies. Some of the white hats are starting to speculate I might be a Gatherer. Stupid idea, really, considering I'm helping the other side. I would like to find a term to describe myself, but I wouldn't know what. Sure as hell wouldn't be another proxy. Not that you aren't awesome, of course.

  4. How about “historian”, “thoth”, or “fount”?

    And again with the compliments… Are you trying to sweet talk me dear?

  5. If I were sweet talking you, you'd probably never catch it. No, when I'm like this, as obvious as can be, that's when there's little reason for suspicion.

    It's when I shut the hell up there's something off.